About Us

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Atelje71 is dedicated to providing you with the best boots and their maintenance for several feet types. Buying shoe every day is exhausting, and a waste of money and various people do not know which pair of boots is best suitable for their feet. So here we are for your assistance in this regard.

What do we do

Now the question that arises in your mind is what do we do. The fun fact is that our name will give you no idea about it. We review boots of various kinds for every foot type. For this, we have invested several hours in providing you with the best reviews of the most elegant boots.

Our website is divided into two modules, one is the technical reviews, and the other one is the maintenance of your boots and quick guides. All the reviews are conducted by the professionals so that you get the finest product in the end.

How do we conduct reviews

For presenting you the best reviews of the best products, we do a lot of research work. We conduct reviews in four major steps, and then we go for writing product reviews, buying guides, and in the last, we try to answer your frequently asked questions.

Our very first step is to survey the market and fetch out the hot favorite products in the market at present. Then we check the value of the product on amazon by viewing its reviews, ratings and critical features.

Now we need to evaluate the products and categorize them according to their features that are best for every kind of wearer. At last, we are ready for writing reviews and buying guides for you people.

Why do we do it

We conduct reviews to make your exhausting task of finding the best shoes or boots a fun task. Moreover, for further assistance, you can freely contact us and get our help anytime about any boots for your feet.