Best Lineman Boots Review 2021 [Buyer Guide]

Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger 6" lineman Boots
Red Wing Men's lineman Boots
Wesco Highliner 16" Lineman Work Boot Black
Wesco Highliner Boot Black
Chippewa Mens's 9" Waterproof Lineman

 As lineman has to do particularly most dangerous tasks in the world, which can cause severe injuries if not done carefully. For this reason, you need to have all the pieces of equipment that are necessary for a lineman to wear during their job. In which Lineman boots are the exceptional boots mainly made for those who regularly climb poles, transmission lines and telephone lines or anyone who works around or with the power lines. These are the perfect boots because they can protect your toes and feet from experiencing work and weather-related injuries. Here we have reviewed the best Lineman boots, which could be very helpful for you in choosing a pair of perfect lineman boots. 

Top Picks of Best Lineman Boots- 2021

1- Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger 6" lineman Boots

  • 100% Leather
  • Nitrile Cork sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6″ from arch
  • Heel measures about 1.”
  • Platform measures approximately 0.50″
  • Boot opening measures approximately 12″ around
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Triple stitched quality
  • Features a bump toe 
  • Double layer leather toe cap 
  • Leather heel pocket
  • Outsole: Nitrile Cork
  • Insole: Leather
  • Shank: Steel
  • Laces: 48-inch 
Red Wing Men's Iron Ranger 6" lineman Boots

These water-resistant boots are the top pick for best lineman boots. Some of the significant features due to which you are surely going to love them are described below

Oil-tanned leather 
The oil-tanned leather of the shoes makes it water, abrasion and shockproof, which form the boots highly durable and reliable. 

Nitrile Cork outsole
The nitrile cork is made from the mixture of rubber particles and cork. This mixture makes the outsole of the boots utterly lightweight and sturdy. It is also responsible for providing excellent traction to the wearer. 

Goodyear Welt Construction
The welt construction of the boots make them highly comfortable and flexible

Steel Shanks
The steel shanks of the shoes make them sturdy and robust.

Red wing boots are specially made for a lineman who has to work in hazardous areas throughout a long day. The construction of the shoes ensures that boots are shock-absorbing, but with this feature, one would also demand comfort. Hence, anyone with the demand of comfort could go for these boots smoothly.


2- Wesco Highliner 16" Lineman Work Boot Black

  • Leather
  • Sixteen Inches
  • 100 Vibram Lug Sole
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Slightly Arched
  • Steel Shank for Support and Comfort
  • Leather Half Slip for Arch Support
  • Lace-To-Toe
  • Metal Heel Breastplate
  • Full-Grain Leather
Wesco Highliner 16" Lineman Work Boot Black

The Wesco highliner boots offer the perfect combination of style and comfort to its wearers. Mostly linemen who need boots with great comfort and style can opt for these boots. These full-grain black leather boots are sixteen inches from the arch. Arborists will surely like these boots as they are purely made for climbing. 

Arched steel shank
The Wesco boots have arched steel shank in it, which will not let your shoes break easily.

A steel side plate and a removable tongue
A steel side plate and a removable tongue provide extra comfort and customization to the boots. 

Half-slip leather
The half-slip leather embedded in the boots extra arch support to the feet of the wearer. 

Metal breastplate
The metal breastplate inside the shoes provides additional comfort to the feet for climbing.

Wesco boots are another top boots in line with lineman boots. These boots will never let you in despair for buying it. One of the most elegant boots, also stylish for those who need comfort, protection, and style all in one boot.


3- Chippewa Men's 9" Waterproof Lineman Insulated Boots

  • 100% Leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 9″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 14.25″ around
  • Goodyear leather welt construction 
  • Chip-A-Tex waterproof bootie
  • Ruby Dri Lex 2000 lining
  • ATSM Electrical Hazard. 
  • Soft Dri-Lex lining. 
  • 400 gram Thinsulate insulation.
  • Removable orthotic insole. 
  • Sturdy and durable Vibram
  • Tacoma Logger outsole.
  • Insole: Texon 460 waterproof

Chippewa boots are the highest quality boots for the person to select if he only wants rugged boots for outdoor gear. If you are working outdoor day and night then you must know the value of comfortable, rugged boots. It is difficult to find such rugged boots in today’s vast market. Here we have provided one of the best Chippewa lineman boots for you. 

Ultra-thin insulation
Chippewa waterproof steel-toe logger boots are embedded with thin insulation. This material is much thicker than other materials. It provides great comfort and ensures that the wearer does not lose his mobility. 

The chip-a-tex waterproof membrane system
The steel-toe logger boots come with a chip-a-tex waterproof membrane system that keeps your feet moisture free and breathable through a day. 

Toecap provides complete safety and protection to the feet of the wearer.

Thickly treaded rubber outsole
The thickly treaded outsole is used to make the boots highly durable and provides great traction to the wearer. 

Chippewa never failed in impressing its customers from the excellent construction of its boots. Similarly, these insulated steel toe boots are highly constructed boots which are useful for linemen. 


4- Georgia Lineman Boots for Men's Loggers G7313

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Ankle” from arch
  • Protective steel toe and lace-up closure.
  • Solid stud hooks & eyelets set on steel washers 
  • Rear pull loop
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole
  • 8 Inches in height 
  • Weight is 6.1 pounds per pair
Georgia Lineman Boots for Men's Loggers G7313

Georgia boots were started a long time ago with farm bots. Georgia never fails to impress its wearers from the unique design, extra comfort, protection and durability. These loggers’ boots are also one of the best kicks in Georgia. Some specific features of Loggers boots are as follows

Soft leather
The upper part of the shoes is made of soft leather, which is used to make your boots highly comfortable. After wearing these boots, you will come to know that nothing is softer than Loggers’ boots. 

Waterproof Design 
The waterproof design of the shoes makes it water-resistant and keeps your feet dry and warm in the wettest conditions. 

Removable Sole
Georgia Logger’s boots come with removable insoles, as everybody’s feet are different, and some of them want orthopedic insoles. Due to this significant reason, Logger’s boots come with a removable insole. 

Rubber outsole
The rubber outsole of the shoes makes it sturdy and stable to walk through heavy terrains easily. 

Georgia is one of the brands which has been popular among the wearer for several reasons. These boots are also one of them specially made for linemen. 


5- Danner Men's Quarry Alloy Toe Lineman Work Boot

  • 100% Leather
  • Made in the US
  • Vibram sole
Danner Men's Quarry Alloy Toe Lineman Work Boot

The Danner men’s quarry boots are another great piece of boots for them who are linemen or loggers by profession. These boots are comfortable enough to make you feel as if you are wearing nothing. Some of the best features of the boots that make them exceptional from other boots are as follows;

Full-grain leather upper
Full-grain leather of the boots makes them comfortable and protective boots of the lot. 

Gore-tex liner
The waterproof gore-tex liner of the boots ensures that no water could be able to enter your boots. 

Quarry Midsole
The quarry midsole of the boots makes them long-lasting. 

Triple stitched
These are the toughest boots that are triple stitched to make them sturdy, reliable and long-lasting. 

Danner boots are the most comfortable boots. These boots are somehow pricy than other boots, but according to the given features, price is quite subtle. One who had to spend a lot of time on work should buy these boots for all-day comfort and protection against electric shock. 


6- Irish Setter Men's Steel-Toe Lineman Work Boot

  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 7.75″ from arch
  • Heel measures about 2.5 inches.”
  • Boot opening measures approximately 13.5″ around
  • Logo-embossed eyelets and padded collar
  • Lugged outsole
Irish Setter Men's Steel-Toe Lineman Work Boot

The Irish setter is renowned among the boot wearers for its comfort, flexibility and durability this brand provides in its boots. This work boot is also one of the best boots of an Irish setter. Some common features that these boots boast are as follows

Rugged waterproof leather
The boots are constructed with rugged waterproof leather to make the boots comfortable and water-resistant just to keep moisture away from your feet and keep your feet warm and dry throughout a working routine. 

Seam-sealed lining
The seam-sealed lining of the boots makes them rugged and protective against hazardous situations. 

Padded tongues and Collars
At the top, your ankles are sealed with padded tongue and collars to keep debris and dust away from your feet. 

400g of Thinsulate
The 400g of Thinsulate is embedded in the boots to make them ideal for cold weather as well. 

The Irish setter is another boot brand that is well known for its construction of high-quality boots. These steel toe work boots are one of them which will never despair its wearer. One can wear it and work for as much time as he wants without any fear


7- ARIAT Men's Powerline 400G Waterproof Lineman Boots

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Lug Sole sole
  • Waterproof Pro construction 
  • Waterproof full-grain leather
  • 400g Thinsulate Ultra insulation
  • Lightly padded, protective collar
  • Goodyear leather welt
  • Moulded external heel protector
ARIAT Men's Powerline 400G Waterproof Lineman Boots

The powerline workboots from ARIAT are specially manufactured for linemen and loggers. These boots are highly comfortable and durable and made according to the needs of linemen and loggers. Following are some specific features of the boots 

Extra-wide shank
The powerline work boots include extra-wide shank for providing the wearer complete stability and comfort throughout a day. 

Impermeable full-grain leather
The impermeable full-grain leather construction of the boots provide long-lasting protection to the wearer.

Waterproof construction
Power line boots have waterproof construction in it which means boots will remain water-resistant throughout a day keeping your feet warm, dry and breathable. 

Shock-absorbing PU midsole
The shock-absorbing PU midsole of the boots is used to absorb shocks and make your feet completely stable and comfortable throughout a heavy working routine.

The powerline boots are another addition to the family of linemen boots. These boots boast a lot of features and provide extra protection to the wearer. One can work comfortably by putting on the powerline boots.


8- Carolina Linesman 10 Inch Waterproof lineman boots

  • Synthetic
  • Cork Harness Leather Upper
  • Composite Safety Toe Cap
  • Welt Construction
  • Electrical Hazard Rated
  • Waterproof SCUBALINER

Carolina boots are similar to Wesco boots with an inexpensive price range. These boots are highly stable and comfortable and very suitable for those who need the comfort of Wesco but do not have that much money. Although you cannot wear these boots for your work right after the box because they take some break-in time. 

Full-grain leather upper
The upper part of the shoes is made of full-grain leather, which makes it completely protective, comfortable, flexible and durable. 

Heavy duty shank
The heavy-duty shank is embedded in the boots to keep your feet protected and give the wearer confidence to move towards harmful climbs aswell. 

Antimicrobial insole
The antimicrobial insoles of the boots keep them odour free, and this feature is best suitable for you if you sweat a lot. This will also prevent bacteria formation and irritation. 

Carolina linesmen is another boot with various features. These boots are specially made for those who had to work throughout a day on an electric pole.


9- Kenetrek Non Insulated Lineman Boots

  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • 10″ tall leather uppers 
  • 2.8 mm full-grain leather 
  • double and triple stitching 
  • Custom K-73 Outsole
  • Extremely durable one-piece vulcanized rubber sole
  • Forged boot hardware offers corrosion resistance and swivels 
  • Durable Windtex waterproof membrane 
  • No insulation 
  • Steel safety toe meets ASTM impact 
  • Compression safety standards
Kenetrek Non Insulated Lineman Boots

The Kenetrek lineman boots are highly durable, and this is the main reason why most of the linemen love these boots. These boots are best for cable installers, arborists, and tree service workers. As the shoes are non-insulated, which means a particular person can wear them easily in summer and spring. 

Protective rubber toe cap
The protective rubber toe cap in the boots is used to make the boots abrasion and shock-resistant. 

Flexible waterproof exterior
The upper part of the shoes is made of waterproof material, which means that the boots are highly water-resistant. 

One-piece vamp construction
The boots are manufactured on one-piece vamp construction to make them utterly durable, flexible and long-lasting. 

Swivel lacing
The Kenetrek boots have swivel lacing hardware, which enables the wearer to adjust the fitting of the shoes according to his feet. 

Kenetrek lineman boots are highly comfortable and breathable boots with great shock, slip and water resistance. These boots are highly recommended to those who want to have a protective job at lines. 


Final Thoughts of why to choose Lineman Boots?

As you have seen, lineman boots are abundant in the market. Every brand offers some unique style and design which accommodates the needs of linemen in several ways. If you are a lineman and finding the best lineman boots, then you are in the right place. We have mentioned various kinds of lineman boots from which you can surely get yours. 

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