Best Walking Shoes Reviews 2021

Asics Gel Tech walker Neo-4
Asics Gel Tech walker Neo-4
brooks adiction walking shoes
Brooks adiction walking shoes
Reebok Cloud Ride DMX 4
Rockport men’s world tour classic

Walking is the best alternative to running; whether you are walking for exercise or you like to spend hours on the trail having a comfortable pair of shoes that give you a comforting walk is essential. Various brands are manufacturing such comfortable, breathable, stable walking shoes that would make you feel as if you are walking on clouds. If you are on the hunt for the best walking shoes, then you must be happy to know that you have come to the right place.

We have given some honest reviews about a few walking shoes both for men and women, which will help you a lot in your walking shoes purchasing procedure. Check all of them below 🙂

1. Asics Gel Tech walker Neo-4 ( Best Walking Shoes)

  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight walking shoe with breathable mesh panels
  • padded tongue and collar
  • removable insole

What we like most

  • Shoes are best for treadmill
  • Fits great
  • Great arch support
  • The good comfortable walking boot
Asics Gel Tech walker Neo-4

The Asics Gel walker shoes are effective and comfortable. These shoes come with the lightweight design with the mesh upper panel, padded tongue collar, removable insoles, trusstic system, and many other features that will give you a complete package in terms of walking shoes.


Breathable mesh panels
These breathable mesh panels enable you to walk as far as you want to do and do not cause any stinging pain that any other shoes could cause.

Padded tongue and collar
The comfort of the shoes is directly associated with padded tongue and collar, gives you the soothing results you need across the entire foot.

Removable insole
It allows you to customize the insole of the shoe if it does not fit right around your foot. This also allows you to clean the boots.

Duo Max and trusstic system
The walker neo-4 provides excellent arch support. The duo max and trusstic system propose this arch support because they stabilize every step you take along with the assurance of safety in any place wherever you want to explore. Trusstic system used to keep the structural integrity of the is put in the midfoot section of the shoe to avoid unwanted twisting of the foot.

AHAR technology
It ensures the powerful traction on a wide range of surfaces. It is also durable due to its abrasion resistance property.

Solyte Midsole
It is used to make a plush, responsive, and lightweight platform of the shoes. As these are 50% lighter than EVA midsole and provides 20% more shock absorption, that is why Neo-4 manufacturers used Solyte midsole in the boot.

Gel cushioning system The rearfoot and forefoot areas contain a gel cushioning system that is useful for more shock absorption and propulsion boost. It also protects the foot from getting injured.

ComforDry sock liner
ComforDry sock liner is used to get additional cushioning. Ortholite technology is also used for moisture-wicking purposes. The sock liner of the boots can be replaced with orthotics.


These are the most rated shoes, and good for you as well if you are not suffering from collapsed arches. They take some break-in time, but once they become comfortable, you would love them.


2. Brooks Addiction 13 walking shoes

  • Synthetic sole
  • Breathable Knitted Mesh Upper
  • Ultra-light design
  • Anti-slip MD Outsole
  • Removable Insole

What we like most

  • Super comfortable
  • Lightweight and nice looking shoes
  • Fits great
  • Breathable


brooks adiction walking shoes

The brooks addiction is the member of motion control running shoes, which elaborates that these shoes are made for both who have moderate to serious overpronation. It is classified as a medical running shoe that will help people with plantar fasciitis and flat feet.


HPR Plus technology
The outsole unit of the shoes uses HPR technology, which is a rubber layer that is made for the protection against wear-and-tear. It enhances the lifespan of the boots.

MC Pod
This allows the shoes to absorb more shock and dissipation. This feature also makes the boots smoother in the ride.

Flex grooves
A number of flex grooves have been placed in the forefoot area of the external pad. This makes the platform flexible and allows the foot to bend naturally during each step.

DNA technology
The DNA uses a fluid gel with viscosity that adapts to the stress applied to it, and the more force will make more stiffer boots.

Biomogo is used for consistent and long-lasting cushioning throughout the running or walking experience.

Diagonal Rollbar
It runs the length of the midsole from heel to forefoot. This is also used to control pronation and helps to promote more seamless transitions.

heel segmented crash pad
The heel segmented crash pad is shaped like a caterpillar. It enhances the flexibility and steadiness of the shoes, which ensures smoother landings.

mesh upper
This aims to provide comfort, air circulation, and protection against heat and friction. This feature is accompanied by a mesh wicking liner that keeps the foot dry and cool throughout the long day. 

synthetic overlays
It is located in the midfoot area to guarantee structural integrity and optimal support. These features also help in increasing the stability of the shoes.

A traditional lacing scheme
It is used for the motion control running shoes. Semi-round shoelaces around the overlay system, tighten the sides and bridge of the boots. It is up to the wearer how much he wants to tight or lose them, as it provides the customizable fit to the wearer.

These shoes are loved in the running community as they work much in this impact. These shoes are comfortable, durable, and efficient, which is the best option for every walker.


3. New Balance 577 Synthetic walking shoes

  • 100% Leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • dual hook-and-loop straps
  • Fit-runs true to size,
  • Custom fit without laces.
  • Polyurethane midsole
  • Foam-padded collar
  • tongue offers a snug

What we like most

  • Stylish shoes
  • Comfortable
  • great shoes for walking and also look great on
  • Greatly fit
New Balance 577 walking shoes

The new balance 577 is designed for those who are always on their feet. The polyurethane midsole makes the lifespan of the shoes longer. The people who have diabetes, flat feet problem, or plantar fasciitis can use these boots.


Solid rubber lines
On the underside of the shoe, the full-length solid rubber lines are attached. This component is hard wearing, flexible, and slip-resistant on almost every kind of surface.

Flex grooves
This feature is found in the forefoot of the shoes, and it helps in foot flexion and manages the traction of the wearer.

Walking Strike Path feature
The walking strike path features can be seen in the outsole of the shoes. It gives the foot guidance during the gait and also ensures that the weight smoothly shifts from heels to the forefoot along with every step.

PU midsole
The new balance 577 offers a full PU midsole. It has a dense foam structure that has flexibility, which helps in preventing from getting a flat or compressed shoe with long-term use. These boots are somehow heavier than other shoes, but on the other side, these boots have a longer lifespan than others.

ABZORB cushioning
This technology is somehow similar to EVA midsole technology, but ABZORB cushioning makes your shoes bouncier and comfortable. It enhances shock absorption and does not compress over time.

Leather Upper
The upper part of the new balance 577 is made up of leather. It supports all parts of the shoes. As leather is not breathable, penetration in the boots is done to make them breathable and allow your feet to be cool and dry all the time.

Reflective detail
This feature is founded in the rear section of the shoe. This makes the shoes visible in dark environments.

Traditional lace-up system
It secures the foot from inside. The round laces pass through the exterior of the tongue to prevent it from moving out of the place.

Padded tongue
It spreads the pressure of the laces evenly to keep the foot comfortable.

Plush collar
It prevents irritation in the ankle area. It also locks from the downside, which prevents the shoes from accidental removal

These highly impressive and extremely comfortable boots will never fail in impressing you. If you are looking for the best walking shoes for women, then you must look at these shoes.


4. Rockport men’s world tour classic

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • full-grain leather
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Breathable polyurethane cushioning
  • Rubber outsole
  • EVA midsole footbed

What we like most

  • Durable sole
  • Comfortable upper
  • Moderate price
  • Long-lasting shoes

The world tour classic is the most comfortable shoes that will not let you feel tired and keeps you active for a long day. They are designed to give proper support and charming style to the wearer. These casual walking shoes come in six different colors. These shoes can be used anywhere as they are easy to clean boots.


EVA midsole
This material is used for the construction of the shoe. It is the most common material that is used in the development of the shoes as it provides high comfort along with the proper support which a wearer demands. This is beneficial as it gives soft footbed that will minimize the impact of foot pain and provides you comfort the entire day.

Rubber outsole
As whole shoes meant for standing all day, with the construction of rubber outsole, the manufacturers made the shoes highly shock absorbing along with a firm grip on different surfaces. Not only it works with a firm grip, but it also ensures your security and durability throughout a long walk.

Full Strobel construction
Strobel is mainly a unique way of constructing shoes that aims to provide better lining and stitching to the boots. This will enhance the lifespan and comfort of the shoes.

Leather upper
It gives shoes a stylish look and makes the shoes perfect for wearing anytime. More to the style, the leather upper will enhance the durability of the shoes.

Waling platform construction
The shoes are constructed on the waling platform, which not only ensures the lifespan of the shoes but also ensures the comfort of the wearer for a long day hike, walk, or run. The heel counter of the shoes is made in such a way that it provides more comfort, flexibility, and stability to the wearer.

Padded tongue and collar
This is another extravagant feature which is again used to ensure the proper soothing comfort of the wearer. The tongue padding and collar provide the soft surfaces, and as a result, when they rub with the skin of the wearer, they will not produce irritation. This can be highly effective for the prevention of pronation, bruises, and blisters.

Rockport has a vast range of casual shoes that are comfortable, durable, and excellent. It provides comfortable walking and stability. Every person could buy these shoes as they fulfill all the needs of the wearer.


5. Reebok Cloud Ride DMX 4

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Comfort and performance

What we like most

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Perfect for gym
  • Highly breathable
Reebok Cloud Ride DMX 4

The cloud ride is made for those who tend to go on a daily walk or put on the walking shoes the whole day. The cozy and comfortable walking shoes that make them the priority of the regular walkers. The DMX Flex technology, memory tech sock liner, rubber outsole, low profile lug pattern, flex grooves, mesh upper, synthetic reinforcement and traditional lace-up system are the key features of these boots, and these features have made cloud ride next-level shoes which can be used by any person.


Rubber outsole
The rubber induced in the outsole of the shoes prevents them from abrasion.

Low profile lug pattern
It ensures traction and slip resistance on various outdoor surfaces.

Flex grooves
The flex grooves are inserted in the forefoot of the shoes. This makes sure that the platform of the shoes is bendable enough to cover the natural bending of the walking foot.

DMX Flex technology
This component is used for the air circulation from the heel to forefoot for customized cushioning.

Memory Tech sock liner
It adapts to the features of the foot of the wearer, which contributes a lot in the cloud-like underfoot experience.

Mesh upper
The mesh upper of the shoes make it sure that the wearer gets the maximum support and high stability.

Synthetic reinforcement
It extends cradle both lateral and medial sides to keep the rear foot on the place, preventing slippage.

Traditional lace-up closure
The conventional lace-up system secures the midfoot and gives faster and smoother adjustment, and these lace systems are not supposed to untie easily.

Low cut design
It makes sure to leave spaces for the ankle to move freely and make quick transitions.

These comfortable, durable and highly stable boots are said to be made for athletes. If you want that lighter impact and shoes which can make you fly, you must buy these cloud ride walking boots.


6. MBT Colorado 17 Women's Walking Shoes

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • a lace-up vamp
  • Mesh footbed
  • Midsole with Pivot Axis
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Sensor technology

What we like most

  • Shoes are breathable
  • Comfortable shoes with a stylish design
  • Available in several colors
MBT Colorado 17

MBT shoes are also named physiological footwear, as these are the first shoes that have a positive impact on the entire body. The critical factor of this shoe is the innovative design, which provides creative walking experience. These boots are also responsible for exercising a large number of muscles, irrespective of the position of the user. These highly breathable shoes are made for every person who is suffering from back, hip, leg, or foot problems because they believe in the footwear that makes the user feel better from the ground.


Rocker Outsole and Sensor Technology
This will help you in moving efficiently and effectively.

Polyurethane component
The PU component is located between the midsole and outsole that makes the functionality of the shoes better. It also provides a soft heel landing that gives you a smooth toe-off.

Pivot Axis
The midsole also offers a pivot axis which provides a stable midfoot strike. More to this, the gentle rocker of these shoes will give you a smooth transition throughout the walking period.

Minimal overlays
As the shoes are made to increase your active lifestyle hence minimal overlays in the boots help in preventing blisters.

The multi-layered curved sole
The multi-layered curved sole is used for making a comfortable, efficient, and unique walking experience.

High abrasion EVA
EVA is the lighter component; hence, it is used in the manufacturing of shoes to make them lighter and gives the wearer excellent performance.

Rebound Compound
The high rebound compound is antifungal and helps in fighting from bacteria, which is forming within your foot.

Nylon shank
It is placed in the midsole for maximum flexibility, protection, and durability.

Drylex moisture management
The fabric used on the top has drylex moisture management, which keeps the moisture away from the foot and helps in fighting with the odor-causing bacteria.

These are the walking shoes with moderately high medium-strong midfoot sole construction. Colorado is casual shoes that make your walk active and make your recovery faster. You must give these shoes a try if comfort and stability are your priorities.


7. New balance Ralaxa

  • Textile
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Mesh and Textile Upper
  • PU insert
  • Cush +
  • No-Sew Overlays
  • Ground Contact EVA Outsole with Rubber Pods

What we like most

  • Comfortable shoes for an extended period of walking
  • Fits perfectly
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Highly supportive upper
New balance Ralaxa

New balance ralaxa will always please those men and women who have athletic enthusiasm. These boots are made by keeping in mind the comfort and stability of the wearer. Ralaxa is softer and lighter than other shoes in the range of walking boots. Except for these qualities, the shoes have many other features that could be another fundamental reason for the purchasing of them.


Ground Contact EVA outsole
This feature will make your shoes durable enough to tolerate treading on rough surfaces.

Flex grooves
Flex grooves are inserted in the forefoot that promotes flexibility and natural foot bending.

Rubber layer
Sturdy areas such as heel and toe area are strengthened with a layer of rubber. This feature enhances the traction of the outsole and prevents the failure of protected areas.

Cush+ midsole technology
The ralaxa boots use cush+ midsole technology. This is used to make the platform softer and lighter than other materials. Except for this, the technology is used to make shoes responsive, and fatigue is preventing.

Soft+Supportive insert
The soft+ supportive insert is placed inside the shoe, which is made of polyurethane material. This will provide maximum underfoot coverage that enhances the shock-absorbing properties of the midsole.

Synthetic textile material
The upper part of the shoes is made of synthetic textile material. This firmly woven fabric ensures that ample support is delivered to the foot.

The neoprene used in the back panel ensures better foothold.

No-sew overlays
This feature is found in the toe box and the rear part of the shoes. It prevents the wearer from irritation.

Traditional lacing system
The traditional lacing system can be seen in the midfoot section. This allows the wearer to adjust the fitting of the shoes accordingly.

Cushiony material
For the sake of comfort, several sections of the upper part are lined with a cushiony material. It not only gives a cozy fit but also prevents blistering.

The sleek and stylish lightweight walking shoes that could make you feel like walking on clouds. These boots are ideally cushioned and very comfortable due to which they can become first priority of any buyer.


Things you must consider while buying walking shoes

When anyone is buying the new walking shoes, the first that he should consider is the comfort and perfect fitting of the shoes. We here have discussed a few important key factors which need your attention while buying walking shoes.


When it comes to walking shoes you have to wear on and off the first thing that comes in mind is the comfort of the shoes. The boots have no worth if your feet hurt when you wear them. The comfort of any shoes mainly depends on the wearer and comfort level varies from person to person. You must wear boots and walk well before buying them so you could find the best walking shoes in terms of comfortability


Airflow plays a vital role in keeping your feet comfortable during walk. If your shoes are not breathable, your feet will become hot, and there will be a chance of getting bruises and blisters on your feet. Comfort and breathability work parallel. If your shoes are not breathable, they will not be comfortable for you anymore. Breathable shoes are made of mesh and provide excellent ventilation. This will help in keeping your feet dry and cool while long walks and evaporates sweat away, which will secure you from blisters, bruises, and soggy socks


Walking shoes come in various forms, and you have a wide range of walking shoes to choose from. As the style is not as essential as comfort and breathability are, but fortunately, nowadays, you do not need to sacrifice the form of the shoes for support as you will get all of the things in one pair of shoes. However, it is essential not to make your decision only for style. Consider all of the factors you need to feature. Once you are sure about the shoes that fulfill all your needs, then you can start making choices based on styles.


Everyone is keen to get shoes that have firm support, and this selection becomes more severe if you are suffering from pronation, bunions, arch issues, and flat feet problems. You cannot judge the support of the shoes until you wear it. Every shoe needs some time to break-in. You can get every kind of shoes like shoes with removable sock liner, added support, and they ensure you to have adequate support and stability


Walking Shoes must have a certain level of flexibility to be comfortable and breathable. A flexible shoe can easily grip the ground and gives you the confidence to have excellent traction.


Walking shoes are the kind of shoes that anyone had to wear for an extended period, and no one wants to have shoes that weigh them down. In general, if you keep the weight to about a pound per shoe so that you should not suffer from leg fatigue even if you wear the boots all day