12 Best Snake Proof Boots - Ultimate Guide [2020]

LaCross Men’s Venom Scent Snake Proof Boots
LaCross Men’s Venom Scent Snake Proof Boots
Rocky Men’s 16 waterproof snake proof hunting boots
Rocky Men’s waterproof snake proof hunting boots
rish setter Men’s Vaprtrek Snake proof Hunting Boot
Rish setter Men’s Vaprtrek Snake proof Hunting Boot

Adventurers, hunters, trekkers and hikers cannot disregard the fascinating and captivating freshness of the outdoor environment. Nature is so unpredictable that it can persuade you to be beautiful yet snake-infested areas. Venomous snakes are all over the world. In America alone, research indicates that out of the 50 states, 47 are the habitats of poisonous snakes. For this reason, you must make sure that your boots are fang-proof. 

Snake proof boots that are specially designed with snake guards will keep you completely safe and protected as you roam and interact with the outdoor environment. With best snake-proof boots, you are not limited to some areas, but you can roam wherever you want to go. So, go ahead and choose your best snake proof boots from the reviews we have written below. 

7 Best Men's Snake Proof Boots For Hiking & Hunting

1- LaCross Men’s Venom Scent Snake Proof Boots

  • Rubber sole
  • 360-degree snake guard for flexible snake bite protection
  • Removable polyurethane footbed
  • 1000 D Cordura nylon 
  • Slip resistant

What we mostly like 
With the main feature of the boots, there are also many other advantageous features, as these shoes are waterproof to some extent. They will keep you dry while passing through the rainforest. These boots can handle a light rain, that means heavy rainfall could be problematic for the user. 

LaCross Men’s Venom Scent Snake Proof Boots

When it comes to venomous snakes, you must not take chances. Not every time you need   protection as some snakes are less or poison-free, but whenever you stumble upon a venomous snake, Venom Scent APG will be there to protect you . These are the best rubber snakeboots, and they won’t let you down. The material used is strong enough to resist the penetration of any snakebite in any event. Whether for hunting, working or tending the land upon which they tread, these dainty boots will give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you.

Venom Scent APG that knows everything about toughness, durability and comfort. With its 360 snake guard design, it keeps your leg protected from a snake bite. Its internal material fights smell producing bacteria, so you do not have to be worried when you get them off there. That is not all; the thick 1000 D Cordura nylon works amazingly to protect you from a snake bite. These boots are developed with plenty of high-quality features. laCross Venom boots are convenient for hikers and hunters.

These boots are easy to pull on and off. Venom VPG boots take all the measures to keep you active and comfortable. The PU footbed and EVA sole, barely make you feel if you are wearing snake proof boots or a pair of sneakers. Another fantastic feature is that it fights with odour forming bacteria. The scent suppression material weaves in antimicrobial fibres which fight odour forming bacteria. Despite snake-proof qualities, these boots are waterproof to a point which elaborates that they will handle light rain and a walk through a wet rainforest.

The boots exhibit well-loved characteristics. Although, these qualities are not satisfying for all the buyers as they failed in terms of waterproof ability, zipper and size. Before jumping on to the conclusion, one must observe all its pros and cons and go with your preferences. Overall, the shoes are best for those who hike and went on adventurous tours where there are more chances to come across snakes. 


2- Irish setter Men’s Vaprtrek Snake proof Hunting Boot



    • Non-metallic shank
    • Heel-moulded counter
    • Height: 17 inches
    • Waterproof leather upper
    • Removable polyurethane footbed

What we mostly Like: 
ScentBan is added to various materials ranging from leather to linings to footbed, kills bacteria that causes unpleasant odour. 

rish setter Men’s Vaprtrek Snake proof Hunting Boot

When hunting has become your hobby, then it is time to choose the best protection. You will be more comfortable going for hunting when you know that you have the best hunting boots. For the right protection, you need to buy these Irish setter boots. This is an incredible pair of boots made of leather and features of rubber sole.

Despite all such characteristics Irish setter are also waterproof snake boots, they feature an ultra-dry waterproofing system, so you do not need to worry about your feet getting cold as a result of water getting inside. This waterproofing quality will always work for you. If you have sweaty feet, the odour of your feet could disturb others as well. You do not even need to worry about it, and these boots come with a scent control process. This scentBan technology eliminates and kills odour causing bacteria, which indicates that your boots will not smell bad due to your sweaty feet.These boots provide a high level of snake protection while being lightweight and more convenient.

Manufacturers used RPM technology due to which these waterproof snake-proof leather boots are lighter in weight and unbelievably comfortable so you can always have the best mobility when you terrain. You will love the added endurance that comes with the boots which provide the best durability. 

The Irish setter vaprtrek hunting boots promise to keep you effectively save from snake bites with the assurance of high-level comfort throughout the longer hikes or hunting. These boots provide you protection along with comfort. They always remain water-resistant, and the scentBan quality prevents unpleasant odour from reaching your feet. These boots are highly recommended if you are habitual of hiking and hunting. These boots will prove valuable to you as these are the best snake proof hiking boots.


3- Muck Boots Pursuit Men's Snake Proof Boots Rubber

  • Weight: 3.18 kg
  • 100% waterproof
  • 4 mm internal neoprene
  • Rugged and lightweight rubber outsole
  • High-grade snake resistance
  • Slip-resistant

What we mostly Like: 
Midsole in the muck boots used to absorb shock and prevent heat. These are the rare properties, which are not found in every boot. 

rish setter Men’s Vaprtrek Snake proof Hunting Boot

 These Boots are designed for the hunters who used to walk in snake inhabitants. These hunting boots are specially designed to meet the needs of an active hunter. Muck snake boots have been puncture tested against a minimum of twelve diamondback rattlesnake strikes hence the boots are rattlesnake proof boots. The shoes are designed with a slip-resistant outsole to help you keep your footing on wet and icy terrain. These boots not only offer removable insole which can be swapped out intermittently, but the soles of the shoes are made of flexible neoprene which forms to the wearer’s foot.The 4 mm neoprene lining provides a high level of flexibility and comfort, as well as it keeps on insulating your foot to keep you on comfortable temperature even during longer hikes in warmer weather. The flexible neoprene which forms to the wearer’s foot, after few wears the boots become customized to the arches of the owner and feel tailor-made, offering unmatched comfort. 

 The lightweight EVA midsole combines with a lightweight yet sturdy rubber outsole to make the boots perfect for summer and spring hunts. Except their standard camo print these snake boots come in various patterns to match the environment. Moreover, unlike other hunting and snake-proof boots, these snake proof muck boots are pretty cheap snake boots.

The muck boots aim to keep you safe from the bites of the most common venomous snakes in most of the areas. These comfortable boots provide a high level of snake protection for 100% rubber boots. Except for the better protection, the main difference of these shoes from other boots are that they are less expensive than different snake proof boots. We will recommend these shoes to all those who do not want to spend a lot of money on speciality shoes but would still want protection from deadly snakebites


4- Danner Pronghorn Men's SnakeProof Boots

  • 100% waterproof
  • 1000 D nylon
  • Rugged hardware
  • Durable full-grain leather
  • Scuff proof toe and heel
  • Rubber sole

What we mostly like: Knowing that hunting can take you anywhere, the manufacturers made sure that boots are 100% waterproof. Except for waterproofing quality, these boots are also breathable. You can use it anywhere, and it will work great all the time. 

Danner Pronghorn SnakeProof Boots

Danner pronghorn snake boots are a comfortable and long-lasting choice for those who need protective shoes that can endure a lot of wear and tear. The manufacturer uses a standard material with a combination of leather and other materials to improve the protection of the wearer. the Danner snake boots provide breathability and waterproof protection. Its construction uses a full-grain waterproof leather combined with 900 denier nylon, so your boots are both lightweight and rugged. It also comes with a speed lacing system hence they are the best lace up snake boots .

These boots are even more comfortable than many other snake boots. Each boot is approximately sixteen inches tall from the soles to the top. One can also adjust the fitting of the shoes according to his feet and calves.The use of pronghorn outsole plays made these boots comfortable and durable. You can now get a rugged and durable boot for any terrain. The forefoot design is anatomical, so you will get more space in your toe box so that your toes are not scrunched up. Your heels also sit nicely, which makes them the most comfortable boots of all. 

When it comes to having an easy time using your hunting boot, then you must consider these Danner snake boots. They will help you with keeping you safe from the snake bites and always gets you home safe. The upper part of the boots is the combination of full-grain leather and 1000 D nylon, and both are durable, which means that these hunting snake proof boots are going to be very comfortable.

Classic in design, Danner snake boots combine powerful snakebite protection with comfort and water resistance. These are the more stylish and attractive snake boots than most of the competition. 


5- Chippewa Men’s 17” Snakeproof Boot

  • Weight is 2.33kg
  • 100% leather and fabric
  • Vibram sole
  • 17’’ brown expresso
  • Water-Resistant
  • Chippewa boots are water-resistant 

What we mostly like: Boots are pretty much lighter in weight. They can help you to walk or run easily, you can feel flexible while wearing these boots. The insole of the boots are comfortable enough that it is made sure that your feet will not feel pain when you wear them for a long period of time. 

Danner Pronghorn SnakeProof Boots

These snake boots from Chippewa are great for many different uses. They can be used for both work or casual wear. Its thick leather wrapping is great against snake bites to make them the best leather snake boots. The seventeen-inch safety shaft is coated with leather, the combination of leather and viper cloth fabric provides great protection along with great looks. These Chippewa waterproof snake boots are more comfy as they do not have laces, but two adjustable straps at the top of the shaft around the ankle. These boots are made with high-quality material and are constructed to be rugged, regardless of its use.

The shaft is covered with Cordura fabric, and it is woven very tightly to prevent tangs from getting between the fibres. The 80% cordura and 20% leather combined to make an attractive and high performance snake boots. These boots will always ensure your protection, hence, your feet will always be safe when you are outside with some adventurous mission. The removable insole makes it easy to clean. They have an adjustable strap that lets you determine the right fit, therefore, you will always feel comfortable while wearing these boots.

Chippewa boots are the manufacturers of vast variety of casual and formal boots. These snake proof boots by chippewa are the best of their production. These 17’’ snake protection boots will secure you from all kind of fangs while trekking or hiking. These boots are highly recommended for those who consider protection along with their comfort.


6- Georgia Athens Men’s Snakeproof Boots

  • Synthetic
  • EVA midsole
  • Steel shank
  • AMP footbed
  • Anchor disk-provides added heel support

What we mostly like: The outer sole of the boots is made of rubber which makes it oil and slips resistant. These boots have these exceptional qualities, as all other snake proof boots are said to be waterproof, but not all of them are oil resistant. 

Georgia Athens Men’sSnakeproof Boots

The snake boots with a pure leather and fabric design that feature a lot of details focused on maintaining a high level of comfort during hikes. These shoes are made of leather, waterproof material, and come with extra padding inside to make walking more comfortable. These snake boots include steel shank and are oil and slip-resistant due to their rubber soles. They are lightweight boots and roughly fourteen inches tall from bottom of the sole to the top of leg protection. These boots are as comfortable as many other snake proof boots. They can make you feel as if you are wearing nothing much. They are lightweight, comfy boots which makes you comfortable all the time. The footbed is made from polyurethane for an ergonomic cushion, while the midsole is made from shock-absorbing EVA foam. Its waterproof outer surface keeps your feet dry and comfortable all the time. 

Georgia Men’s Athens snake-proof boots always focused on the comfort of wearers. Manufacturers ensure that your feet remain cool dry and completely comfortable throughout long hikes or any other intense outdoor activity, all without compromising on protection against snake bites.


7- Bogs Men’s Bowman Waterproof Hunting Shoes

  • 100% rubber
  • 6 inches neoprene insulation 
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Shaft measures approximately 14.5’’ from arch
  • Scent combat biotechnology to prevent from unwanted odour

What we mostly like: The 6 mm neo-tech lining in the boots are necessary for keeping your feet warmer. Hunting during the winter season wants you to be covered so that you can save yourself warmer. These boots will help you in keeping warmer feet. You will be going to have an easy time using these boots. 

These are the most lightweight boots, and hunters would love them for just being lightweight. You can walk through several hurdles a terrain without feeling that the boots are too heavy. Not only in use, but these boots are also extremely reliable to carry them in your backpacks. Well, honestly not all brands boast such convenience to the hunters. When it comes to its manufacturing, there is a special inner sole. The manufacturer makes sure that you get antimicrobial odour protection from the insole of the shoes. The shoes are made by keeping in mind that you might be walking over long distances for hunting, hence getting the right protection is always essential. These boots keep you warmer in winter. Despite its comfort and odour resistance, these boots are waterproof also. The neoprene lining used in these boots is mainly waterproof, which makes these boots great for the various wet outdoor conditions. 

The lightweight snake proof boots are the demand of every hiker. These boots can fulfil all your demands by providing comfort, water resistance, lighter in weight and less warmer.  Bowman’s boots are highly recommended to purchase as these boots are the complete package providing everything in a single pair of boots. 


Best Waterproof Snake proof Boots For Men's

8. LaCrosse Men's Adder( Waterproof Snake Proof Boot)

  • 100% Leather/Fabric

  • Height: 18″

  • Imported

  • Synthetic sole

  • Shaft measures approximately 17″ from arch

  • Heel measures approximately 2″

  • Boot opening measures approximately 17″ around

  • Full-grain leather 

  • 1000 Denier nylon upper 

  • abrasion-resistant toe cap 

  • flexible 360-degree Snake Guard 

  • scent-free and waterproof Scent Drylining

LaCrosse Men's Adder 18" Snake Boot

The LaCrosse snake boots for men are one of the shoes that combine comfort, practicality, and protection to make them reliable for every kind of hiker or hunter. These boots provide phenomenal protection against snake bites from the sole to the upper calf area. Adder boots also protect the wearer from other hazards, as well. 

Abrasion-resistant toe cap
The abrasion-resistant toe cap of the boots keeps you safe and sound even in the most harmful environments. 

Internal lining
The internal lining of adder boots is designed to keep your feet dry throughout a long hiking or hunting experience. 

EVA midsole and PVC footbed
The EVA midsole and PVC footbed conjointly make these boots so lighter in weight that you can barely tell if you are wearing snake proof boots or a pair of sneakers. 

Scent-free and waterproof Scent Drylining
This added feature in adder boots will allow moisture to escape to keep your feet dry and fresh all day. 

Final Verdict
As the boots you are having for hunting or hiking matter a lot hence we have provided the best boots in which LaCrosse snake boots are one of the functional, technical, efficient, and comfortable boots. With the best quality and ease of use, the adder 18″ is the top choice for hunters all over the world


9. Rocky(Pro Light Snake Boots for Men)

  • leather-and-fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 16″ from arch
  • Prolight BioMech outsole 
  • Snake proof protection
  • Durable Nylon. 
  • 16 inches in height
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Guaranteed Rocky waterproof construction
Rocky ProLight 16″ Snake Proof Boot

The durable and reliable Rocky prolight hunting boots is one of the excellent snake proof boots models. These boots are engineered for high performance and comfort. Except for support, the design of the shoes is also very innovative, and prolight boots are the only high-quality construction boots. 

Prolight Biomech outsole
In Rocky prolight snake boots, Biomech outsole is embedded, which provides excellent traction and stability on rocky or irregular terrain. 

 Rubber and Polyurethane outsole
The polyurethane outsole of the boots ensures the water-resistance of the shoes and prevents wet feet. The rubber sole made it very easy to walk in. 

Guaranteed Rocky waterproof construction
The waterproof construction of rocky boots will keep your feet dry and cool.

Final Verdict
Rocky prolight snake proof boots are the best choice for those who are looking for comfort and high performance at an affordable price range. They provide excellent traction on any terrain. These highly comfortable and protective boots can be suitable for almost every hunter or hiker who wants something to protect them.


10. LaCrosse Men's Alpha Snake Hunting Waterproof Boot

  • 100% Synthetic and fabric
  • Synthetic sole
  • Pull-on boot in waterproof rubber
  • adjustable gussets and back straps
  • Contoured ankle-fit design
  • Slip-resistant rubber cup outsoles

It is another product of LaCrosse in the line of best snake boots for men, which means it will also not disappoint you in terms of functionality and performance. These mudlite boots are highly comfortable and efficient and will protect you from every sort of harmful situation while hiking or hunting. 

Four layers of underfoot support and cushioning
The alpha mudlite boots boast 4 layers of underfoot support and cushioning, which enables you to walk comfortably for long hours without feeling feet fatigue. 

 360-degree snake guard
The 360-degree snake guard provides you peace of mind that you are protected from snake bites. The shin guard of the boots does the same thing for you, which both of these things are embedded in boots for your protection.

4X burly outsole
The 4X burly outsole enables shoes to grip any rough surface comfortably. 

Full rubber and neoprene construction
The full rubber and neoprene construction of the mudlite boots ensure the waterproof ability of the shoes.

Final Verdict
LaCross is one of the most famous brands which is picked due to the comfort and waterproof durability they provide. If durability and comfortability are your top priorities, then alpha boots would be the best choice for you. 


11. Thorogood Wood Men's Snake Bite proof Leather Shoes

  • 100% Leather/Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 17.75″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 18″ around
  • Construction: cement 
  • Insole: removable dual-density polyurethane
  • Midsole: EVA/PU cushion 
  • outsole: z-trace slip-resisting rubber
  • Waterproof and breathable construction 
  • 100% snake proof
  • Side zipper 
  • 3m Scotchgard protector
  • Snake guard extreme 
  • mossy oak breakup infinity
Thorogood Wood N' Stream Men's Snake Bite 17″ Leather Cordura Hunting Shoes

The stylish and highly reliable snake boots for men are here to offer something much more than the other snake bite proof boots. Wood n stream boots are excellent in performance delivery. These boots will never fail to impress you when you wear them on rough terrains. This is all because of the type of tread given by the outsole of the boots. The wood n’ stream boots offer much more than these features which are as follows

Thick and tough upper 
The upper part of the shoes is made from thick leather and Cordura that prevents fangs from coming into your boots and poisoning your body. 

Rubber toe cap
The rubber toe cap on the boots seals boots completely, which enhances the security of your feet. 

Dual-density polyurethane insole
It is used to prevent your feet from feeling fatigued. This will make you feel reliable and comfortable throughout a long hike or hunting adventure. 

Waterproof and breathable construction 
The boots are constructed to be highly water-resistant and breathable, which enables the foot of the wearer to be relaxed and dry all day. 

Final Verdict
Thorogood has a great heritage of making some of the best hunting boots. Wood n stream boot is one of the great examples of their production. One can have comfort, durability, stability, and efficiency in this pair of boots. 


12. Ariat(Waterproof Snake Boots)

  • Waterproof
  •  full-grain leather foot
  •  reinforced to guard against snake bites
  • Durable
  •  Non-wicking 
  • snake bite-resistant nylon shaft
  • Mesh lining with lightly padded collar
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Duratread outsole 
  • non-tracking tread design
Ariat Conquest Waterproof Snake Boot

The classic design Aria snake boots look similar to traditional cowboy boots. However, conquest boots contain excellent protective features. The leather upper, beautiful dark stain and many other features are briefly described here for your ease. 

impermeable leathers
The impermeable leathers which are embedded in boots to make the boots snake bite-resistant and durable enough to withstand the challenges of outdoor mishaps. 

Waterproof Pro construction
The waterproof pro construction of the boots makes these shoes highly waterproof snake boots. 

Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
In conquest snake boots, EVA midsole works as a protecting agent against shocks, slips, and even fangs. 

One thing that annoys snakes is a terrible odor, the scenthalt feature of the boots prevents moisture from taking in the shoes, keep your feet dry and cool and hence prevent your feet from any bad odor.

Final Verdict
These conquest boots are perfect for enthusiast hunters or hikers. Conquest boots have a shape similar to cowboy boots, but the functionality of the shoes is excellent in terms of protecting your feet from fangs. One who is a severe hiker or hunter should buy these snake proof boots. 


Best Snake Proof Boots - Quick Buyer Guide

Snake bites are dangerous, so hikers and trekkers need to ensure that they have adequate protection against snake bites to protect their lives and avoid the expensive trip to the hospital or the risk of death. Best snake boots are designed to protect your feet and ankles while hiking, hunting or trekking in areas where there is a risk of availability of venomous snakes. But the huge variety of these boots could confuse you while buying them. Hence, we have described some salient features or a quick buyer’s guide to make it easy for you to purchase high quality, comfortable, affordable and waterproof snake boots. 

Some Salient Feature of Snake Proof Boots

The essential feature of snake proof boots is the material used to make them, as the sturdy and thick material will protect you from snake bites. Various materials are used in making the best snake boots; the material that is used in snake boots must be tough and thick enough to protect you from snake fangs. Some of the material that is foremost for the snake boots include:

  • Leather
  • Denim
  • Cordura nylon
  • Synthetic weaves

Many boots combine these various materials to make comfortable and flexible boots. Some boots are even lighter and flexible than others, but these all provide the same level of protection against snake bites. Rubber snake boots are also in the list to protect you from snake fangs. These boots are more flexible, comfortable and water-resistant than leather boots but these boots are somehow less protective than leather boots .a pair of thick rubber boots can be a right choice for purchasing, but the boots with a lower rubber end will be less effective and work only for the smaller snake bites. 

Comfortable and Durable
Do not forget comfort while focusing so much on snake guard protection feature. Comfort determines how long you will wear boots. In a simple illustration, you cannot wear uncomfortable boots all day, and that means you have to cut short your adventurous hiking tour. Hence, always make sure that the boots you are buying are properly fit and made of such material that is comfortable enough for you to wear all day. 

All the boots which are said to be the best snake boots are also water-resistant. As, the boots that can resist a bite of a snake, are they not capable of withstanding water? So, typically it is said and observed that the material used in these boots is also waterproof. In case, if the snake boot is not water-resistant do not buy it at all because for hiking you will go to different areas where the temperature is never moderate, so you need those boots which are both snake proof and water-resistant. 

Best Snakeproof Boots-FAQ's

Q: Do snake boots really work?

Yes, snake proof boots works as they are made to protect you. Moreover, snake proof boots are made of such a material that is best suitable for protection against snake bites. although all snake boots are not this much protective hence you should be very careful while choosing the best snake proof boots for yourself. 

Q: What are the best snake boots?

When you are confused about choosing the best one for you then you should opt for those which is most liked by everyone. Here are some of the best snake proof boots that would be best for everyone

 LaCross Men’s Venom Scent Snake Proof Boots

 Rocky Men’s 16 waterproof snake proof hunting boots

Irish setter Men’s Vaprtrek Snake proof Hunting Boot

Q: How tall should snake boots be?

Casually snake boots are 15 to 17 inches tall. Although it is also recommended to wear atleast 15 inches taller boots to protect your feet and legs from venomous snake bites. all the pairs mentioned above are taller enough to protect you so you can easily pick any of it.

Q: How high can a snake bite? 

Snake usually strike between 1/2 or 1/3 of their body length. hence if the snake is 6 feet long then he can strike up to 3 feet. To protect yourself from such deadly bites pick a pair of best snake proof boots from the above mentioned boots and enjoy hiking and hunting.