Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet - Buyer Guide & Review

ASICS Men’s Gel-GamePoint Tennis Shoe
ASICS Gel-Game Point Tennis Shoe
New Balance Men’s 1260V7
New Balance Men’s 1260V7
Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe
Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

Most people love playing tennis and enjoy being out on the court. But flat feet could be a significant problem in the long run if you are planning to be a full-time tennis player. But no need to worry about your flat feet shoes as we have reviewed some of the best tennis shoes for flat feet. 

Here are some of the best shoes for flat feet for both men and women that will help you to fulfill your dream on a tennis court. 

1. ASICS(Men’s Best Shoes for Flat Feet)

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Rearfoot gel cushioning system
  •  smooth transition to midstance.
  • Synthetic leather upper
ASICS Men’s Gel-GamePoint Tennis Shoe

ASICS tennis shoes feature an excellent design with tons of critical features. It offers you exceptional traction, comfort, support, and stability. This one of the best men’s tennis shoes will provide you with a solid base, which prevents your foot from losing balance and twisting. The key features are elaborated below;

Built-in mesh panel
The leather upper part of ASICS tennis shoes for flat feet is made with an integrated mesh panel, which ensures that your feet stay calm when you are on the tennis court. This panel allows air to circulate freely in the shoes and make the boots lighter in weight. In simple words, you do not need any break-in time for these shoes. 

Removable padded footbed
The removable padded footbed made support customizable. One can adjust the support by adding more footbeds. So you can make these shoes as supportive and as comfortable as you want. 

Padded collar and rubber outsole
For the comfort and traction durability, padded collar and rubber outsole will prove worthy. This feature will bring your feet to another level of comfort. 

Proprietary ASICS Gel cushioning
The proprietary ASICS gel at the front and heel of the shoe add an extra layer of shock absorption without minimizing your ability to move on the court. 

AHAR outsole rubber and Trusstic System
For the increased stability and proper support, the AHAR outsole rubber trusstic system is added to the shoes. 

Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from the arch
The arch provides right and appropriate support as it is not flat and provides adequate coverage on all the parts. 

 Removable sock liner
You can easily change the sock when you do not feel comfortable. It is also lodged with medical orthotics, which will provide your proper foot balance.

Final Verdict
An affordable ASICS gel shoe has a nice design with tons of features which ensures that these are the best shoes for flat feet. These shoes offer you excellent traction, stability, and support. These shoes are high for individuals having flat feet.


2. Babolat(Men's Best Arch Support Shoes)

  • Power Straps
  • Kompressor System
  • Michelin Performance Outsole
Babolat Men’s Propulse 4 All Court

Babolat tennis shoes is a great looking shoe that provides superb protection and comfort to your feet. These shoes will boost up your confidence and permit you to give your best performance in the court. 

Dynamic response system
The dynamic response system is built into the shoes which support your toes and ball of your foot while moving or playing. 

Four-point support 
A chassis style foot belt provides this great touch. It will keep your foot in the right alignment and gives excellent protection, which means you can spend as much time as you want in the court without feeling any pronation. 

Michelin rubber soles and EVA midsole 
The Michelin rubber sole and EVA midsole provide excellent cushioning to your feet. 

Powerbelt and high collar
These features help in supporting the feet and taking the pressure off the ankles. 

Ortholite insole 
Ortholite insoles are also used to provide you with extra cushioning to ensure that these flat feet shoes are comfortable enough for the wearers. 

 In-built propulsion system
It helps in providing extra support for the forefoot during forwarding stepping motion.

S-Shield, Pro Shield and Soft Shield technology
These features result in extra durability and comfort, which in terms utilizes high-performance material.

Active Flexion technology
This addresses the pressure points on foot and works to lessen the pressure from these regions

Final Verdict
Babolat tennis shoes are an excellent choice for all tennis players with flat feet. They are providing superior arch support and stability, which makes them highly recommended boots of all.


3. Prince Men’s T22 Flat Tennis Shoe

  • 100% Synthetic and mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • 4 Foot Wrap 
  • Wishbone shank
  • PRC 1000 outsole 
Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoe

T22 tennis shoes are one of the best shoes for those with flat feet. The arch support and shock absorption they are providing are exactly what you need to reduce any fatigue or pain. 

Extra arch support
The additional arch support will help in reducing pain or any pronation impact on your feet. Arch support plays a vital role in selecting shoes, especially for those who are having flat feet making it the best arch support shoes. 

Shock absorption
The shock eraser will impact and reduces the pain on the flat feet, usually caused by plantar fasciitis. 

Moisture-wicking liner
This enables shoes to stay cool and dry even after several hours of wearing them. 

PRC1000 outsole
PRC1000 gives dynamic traction on the court. As the player not only needs to move forward, but he has to move in every direction; hence, this feature will help in getting dynamic movement.

TPU forefoot straps
These straps also offer improved stability. 

RASH toe cap and Shock Eraser midsole
These two conjointly absorbs the impact of pronation and helps in reducing it. 

Final Verdict
These are the great-looking shoes which are very comfortable to play in. The boots are durable enough to fit in with any wearer, and these boots are also strong enough to help you recover from the ailments. But if you are an aggressive player, then these are the best men’s tennis shoes for you.


4. K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoe

  • Fabric-and-synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Synthetic Leather/Textile Upper
  • Textile Collar Lining
  • CMEVA Midsole
  • CMEVA Sock Liner
  • Non-Marking Sole
K-Swiss Men’s Bigshot Light 3 Tennis Shoe

If flat feet are a problem for you, then bigshot tennis shoes are the best solution for your problem. These boots are also best for those who prefer stability and support and favor them more than comfort and flexibility.  

Moisture-controlling lining
This draws any moisture away from your feet, which in result gives dry and clean feet inside the shoes. 

DuraWrap Upper
It seems like this contains a lot of mesh, but in reality, these are stiffer. They will get better and more comfortable after one week of continuous gaming. It also prevents from over toe-dragging. 

Midfoot shank
Midfoot shank brings confidence for your movement and resists any twisting. 

Molded EVA insole 
The insole offers excellent underfoot cushioning and provides shock absorption.

180 PCS mid-foot chassis
The 180 PCS midfoot chassis help with the stability and support of the shoes. 

High-density Aosta 7.0 and Drag guard protective rubber
These compounds not only provides excellent performance on all courts but protect the midsole from mistimed wear and tear. 

Flow cool system and DriLex lining
This system will help to keep the moisture away and provide some airflow as well. The dri-lex lining also used to do the same job for the shoes. 

Final Verdict
These are the better shoe that provides traction, support, and stability. But somehow, it is not that good in providing flexibility and protection. As a whole, these are good shoes for flat feet to consider if you require a lot of arch support


5. New Balance tennis shoes for Men's

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top” from arch
  • Fuel cell midsole
  • Abzorb midsole
  • No-sew material application
  • Post applied dual density
New Balance Men’s 1260V7

When it comes to the best technology, New balance represents the most exciting solution. The main strength of the shoes is its outsole construction, which can resist anywhere in any atmosphere. The mesh upper makes the boots extremely breathable. They are quite heavy than previous ones, but these are still better options as they are profoundly shocked absorbing. 

Blown Rubber
It provides increased cushioning and responsiveness to the wearer. It also features high energy to the wearer, which enhances the efficiency of the player, and he can spend hours in the court without getting tired.  

Ndurance Technology
A high-quality carbon control material placed in the heel of the shoes to give better landing and increases the durability of the wearer. This material is very strong against abrasion, which reduces the risk of injury for the player by providing the right amount of cushioning in the required place. 

It is responsible for the bouncy feel in the shoes. It increases the life of the boots, along with the improved comfort and durability. 

Fuel cell technology
It is placed in the lateral sides of the shoes providing energy while playing and results in a productive ride if you want to use these shoes like running shoes. 

Ortholite sockliner
It conjointly with antimicrobial properties provides additional comfort for the underside of the foot. 

Engineered mesh upper
A soft, lightweight and very breathable engineered mesh on the upper enables the better air circulation in the shoes, keeping feet of player dry and cool while playing. 

No-sew overlays
These are used for the lightweight and smooth effects against the foot. 

PL-8 last
It is used for the specific measurements of heights and widths of heels and forefoot sections. 

Asymmetrical heel counter
It locks down the heel in its proper position and helps in overcoming pronation while playing.

Final Verdict
It is a real game changes shoes for those who are tired of their pronation. It provides stability and comfort without any sacrifice to style. It maintains to give you the speed that you want to get. These shoes will work with all kinds of players and in any situation. So, you do not need to think much before buying these dainty shoes. 



6. Mizuno Men’s Flat Tennis Wave Shoes

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Engineered Mesh Upper
  • New Premium Sockliner for added comfort
  • U4ic Midsole
Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 13

Mizuno wave is one of the coolest and features comfortable tennis shoes of all time. The cushioning gives the most extended period to your shoes and make them comfortable. These shoes can be used for both tennis and running or jogging. However, these shoes have a little bit more weight than the previous ones, but still, it gives a lighter weight sensation. The shoes are extremely flexible, which allows the player to play both aggressive or defensive on the court. 

Rubber outsole and X10 material
These boots offer nothing fancy in the construction of its outsole. Since it is made purely for tennis players or runners, the blown rubber outsole provides a layer of padding for the wearer, and X10 material provides grip to the heel for aggressive playing or long-running. This ensures that the heel does not wear down quickly.

Flex controllers
Flex controllers allow the shoes to bend naturally as the player moves. This feature makes the shoes more durable than others. 

U4icX cushioning in the heel
It is the new feature of cushioning material that is used in the heel to improve the ride feel for the wearer. 

U4ic cushioning in midfoot
The U4ic cushioning in the midfoot provides lightweight padding for responsive rides. 

These paddings make the shoe shock absorbing. It prevents all the shocks of each landing. 

Dynamotion fit technology 
This technology is used in the upper construction of the shoes to make it fit properly and manages the overall comfort of the wearer.

Wave construction
It provides both flexibility and durability. These are used to stabilize the wearer and avoid pronation. It makes the boots highly responsive.

Final Verdict
These tennis shoes are another update to the renowned waver rider series. These shoes feature a maximum pronation relief features and perfect cushioning. The cushioning system and arch support makes them the best arch support shoes for both temporary and enthusiast players


Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet Women's ( Edition 2020)

7. Aleader Women’s Aqua Tennis Shoes



  • Fabric.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Breathable and durable air mesh upper
  • Solyte midsole
  • Water drain outsole
  • ComforDry sock liner 
  • Open mesh and hole on the sole
Aleader Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Shoes

Aleader women’s quick dry shoes feature everything that any person needs and become one of the best shoes for flat feet. These are one of the shoes which are highly recommended for the women tennis player with flat feet. These are a pair of shoes that are well designed and provides you enough comfort for the long day effortless non-tiring practice. Here are a few main key features of the shoes which you must be willing to know.

Breathable mesh upper
This model features special mesh lining, which makes the foot of the wearer dry and breathable all the time. These boots work great on land as well as in water. 

Fluid flow technology
The shoes are also introduced with the fluid flow technology, which works as a water-resistant and won’t weigh you down. 

ComforDry sock liner
This feature deals with cushioning and excellent bounce-back effects, and they also offer nice arch support. This sock liner is removable, which helps to aerate the shoes providing dry and breathable feet.

Solyte midsole 
This feature allows the player to perform well without being weighed down due to the shoes. It makes your feet bouncy and provides maximum durability.

Patterned rubber sole 
This gives you the firm, lightweight grip to your feet that offers lightweight sensation to the player along with the firm grip.

Water Grip and cushion outsole
It provides excellent traction on wet and slippery surfaces and allows you to perform well in all kinds of circumstances.  

Open mesh on the upper 
It provides superior breathability and quick drying. 

Final Verdict
These are incredibly lightweight, breathable, and flexible footwear. If you are not an aggressive player and you are also not like to climb on wet rocks, then these shoes are made for you. This model will cope with all your capabilities


8. Orthofeet(Women’s Best Sneakers for Flat Feet)

  • Ortho-Cushion System
  •  lightweight sole with air cushioning
  •  Non-binding upper
Orthofeet Women’s Coral Sneakers

This is another best sneakers for flat feet. They are manufactured with the best orthotic support and provides the best support for flat feet players. With these shoes, a person with flat feet can easily walk, run, jump, or practice for any game she loves. 

Contoured footbed
It cushions the heel arch and toe, and it can mold the shape of the foot after several wears.

Cushioned heel
It helps to absorb shock and reduce foot pain. 

Removable footbed
The insoles of the shoes are removable, which allows you to put the fittest customized insole according to your needs.

Orthotic support
It features anatomical arch support, and multiple insoles provide comfort and leg-alignment. It helps to enhance comfort, stability, flexibility, and durability by reducing the pain due to flat feet. 

Protective interior
It eliminates pressure points and friction against your feet.

Superior comfort
Eliminates pressure points and maximizes comfort.

Extra-depth design and full toe box
It helps to eliminate pressure on BUNIONs and hammertoes

Final Verdict
When it comes to women’s best sneakers for flat feet, all you need is comfort, and these shoes go several steps ahead in your definition of comfort. It offers you more than what you think. Overall these are the complete package boots. If comfort is your priority, you must buy these boots. 


9. ASICS gel-resolution 7 tennis shoe

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low-Top” from arch
  • Heel measures about 1.5.”
  • Platform measures approximately 0.75 inches
  • Gender-Specific Cushioning
  • Flexion Fit Upper
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning Systems
  • PGuard Toe Protector

This is probably the best sneakers for flat feet on the market for women as it provides impressive durability, comfort, protection, support, cushioning, and traction. Lastly, these boots are suitable for every type of foot. 

AHAR+ Rubber
The outsole of these shoes are made to last for a more extended period and hence made of AHAR+ rubber, which is 50% more stable than the usual AHAR rubber. It is fitted in the high-impact areas of the outsole, which provides consistently excellent traction. 

Flex Grooves
It enables the firm transition of weight and direction without any difficulty. 

SOLYTE midsole
This is the lighter than usual it is used in the manufacturing to make the shoes lighter in weight and durable. 

Gel-Resolution 7
It features the personal heel fit lining system, which is made to mold your heels and increase the overall stability of the shoes. 

The impact guidance system combines all the components of the midsole and puts them into a performance-oriented phase. 

EVA Sockliner
A removable EVA sock liner provides a healthy foot environment.

Flexion fit Synthetic leather
It provides comfort and a firm fit that adjusts to your foot shape and movement.

PC guard
It protects the toes along with the increasing instability. 

Final Verdict
ASICS gel is the latest addition to the flat feet shoes family. It brings increased stability, support, and durability as compared to the previous ones. It is best on every side, like traction, flexibility, support, comfort, and protection. One can freely buy these shoes without thinking for a second.


What to Look for Before Buying Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet

Every person has a different foot structure, which should always be kept in mind while buying shoes. There are some basic instructions you should keep in mind before purchasing tennis shoes as it will help you to correct the problems flat feet cause and allow you to enjoy some quality time on the court without having any injury risk or pronation. Following are the major fundamental factors;

Arch Support
Flat feet tennis players do not have natural arch support. Hence the best option for these people is to go for those brands which offer the best arch support shoes. So it is the most important factor you should keep in mind before purchasing tennis shoes if you have flat feet. Always make sure that shoes you are going to buy have comfortable and flexible arch support, which do not cause any pain to your flat feet while playing. But do not go for those shoes which have excellent arch support as they are also not suitable for flat feet. 

Shoe Size
People with flat feet always face the problem of irregular shoe size. Eventually, shoes are designed to align with the natural arch support, but as the flat feet, people do not have this, so they feel uncomfortable when they wear it. So pick your shoes with such a size that it does not tightly hold your feet and allow you to move freely. It is a recommendation for those who have flat feet to buy shoes a half size bigger than their feet. 

While playing tennis, players not only have to move forward, but he also has to move in other directions. Hence, agility is another essential factor that needs your consideration before buying tennis shoes. Therefore flat feet people are recommended to buy those shoes which are more focused on the agility and not just comfort. 

Shoe Sole
Tennis shoes always come with the thinner sole, which allows the player to have a firm foot on the ground. But the player with flat feet needs a fully padded sole shoe which will enable you to move freely. Various tennis shoe brands offer well-padded shoes for flat feet players. But if you are not getting any of it, you can use insole as well and make sure that the insoles you are using are specifically designed for sports and offer you the best support while playing. 

Just because you have tennis shoes for flat feet problem, this does not mean that you have to go for shoes which look ugly. You are going to play for months in those tennis shoes so you must consider the looks of the boots as well. Fortunately, there are lots of shoes which not only bring you the right style and color but also cure your flat feet problem. 

As you want good shoes for flat feet, then at the same time you need shoes that are comfortable enough to feel good to move in. Always try your shoes before buying them. Buying tennis shoes that do not fit your feet well will only make the problem worse, not better. 

Table of Content

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet-FAQ's

Q: What are the best tennis shoes for flat feet?

Finding the best pair of tennis shoes is quite challenging specially when there are several options to confuse you. so here we bring you a chance to find the best one for you so that you won’t get hassled.

  • ASICS Men’s Gel-GamePoint Tennis Shoe
  • Babolat Men’s Propulse 4 All Court
  • Aleader Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Shoes

Q: How to clean tennis shoes?

Cleaning tennis shoes is similar to cleaning other work boots or casual boots. so you do not need to get worried about it just take a soft clean cotton cloth and wipe off all the dirt and debris from the boots. Take boots cleaner and wipe off remaining dirt and then let them dry and breath in the shady area or somewhere in the room where it is not damp. 

Q: What are the most suitable size of tennis shoes for flat feet?

There is no perfect size for any kind of the wearer. Although it is recommended to wear shoes once and get the perfect size before buying them. This ensure that your feet will remain on the perfect position and you will not feel exhausted. 

Q: Which kind of shoes are best for flat feet? 

People with flat feet should not go for ordinary boots although they should go for such boots that offers best arch support and cushioning so that their feet do not get hurt.