8 Best Women's Snake Proof Boots to Buy in 2021

Justin Women's Rugged Camo Snake Boot
Justin Women's Rugged Camo Snake Boots
Chippewa Apache Snake Boot Round toe Apache Tan for women
Chippewa Apache Snake Boot Round toe for women
Justin Dune Traction Women's Snake Boot
Justin Dune Traction 17 inch Women's Boot

Self-protection is always a top priority, no matter what you are going to do forward. Legs and feet are still in danger while trekking or hunting in the forest due to the deadly living beings in which snakes are the most common. Several snake bites that happened to the person is below the knees. Whether you are going hiking or hunting, you need a pair of boots that are snake proof, waterproof, and sturdy enough to enable you to enjoy the beauty of nature. Wearing snakeproof boots is the basic need of your hunting or hiking tour. Although not every snake bite is deadly, protection is better than cure.

There are not so many options for Women’s snake boots in the market, but here, we have figured out all the best available options that fits in need of every woman.

Women's' Snake Boot Waterproof [Editor's Choice]

When it comes to snake boots, you must consider that they are water-resistant as well. Because you do not know the temperature and weather conditions of the place where you are going to hike or hunt, that’s why most and almost every snake proof boots for women is waterproof. Lets dig deeper into the detailed review of each snake protection boots.

1. Justin Women's Rugged Camo Snake Boot

  • True Timber 
  • Safeguard with leather collar and vamp
  • Double-stitched sewed seat welt construction
  • Utility outsole
  • Unit heel
  • Dual-side pull-on cutouts and loops

Justin snake proof boots have been manufacturing stylish boots for many years. Hence so the Justin rugged camo boots are made. These boots are built to provide comfort, fit, and style to an individual. These boots are also responsible for protecting its wearer. 

Gaucho Snake Proof Cowhide Foot 
The boots contain Gaucho snake proof cowhide foot, which protects wearer and boots as well from any mishap. 

J-Flex Double Comfort Insole System
J-flex double comfort insole system and removable orthotic inserts ensure all-day comfort of the wearer’s feet. 

Double stitched wide square toe 
This feature enables the wearer to move freely without any stress of traction. 

Utility rubber outsole
The rubber outsole of the boots makes it long-lasting. 

Final Verdict
Justin Boots are the most comfortable boots in the line of snake proof boots. These boots ensure safety and durability. One who is keen to have something that not only complements their closet but also proved to be best for hunting and hiking, then you must buy Justin boots.


2. Chippewa Apache (Best Women Snake Proof Boots)

  • Made in the USA 
  • Heat, chemical, oil, gas, abrasion, chip, mark, and a slip-resistant Vibram outsole
  • 15″ shaft
  • Snake proof
  • 5 Iron Texon insole
  • Made with tan apache leather and nylon
  • Leather lining

Women’s Chippewa snake boots are manufactured in such a way to provide wearer confidence to go out anywhere anytime. These boots are solely snakeproof and comfortable. These Chippewa boots have been popular with women for years. 

 5 Iron Texon insole
The five iron texon insole provides a lot of comfort to the foot. 

Camo nylon upper
Chippewa boots come with camo nylon upper construction, which is responsible for making boots sturdy, snake proof and stylish. 

High-quality Vibram outsole
The high-quality Vibram outsole is embedded in the shoes, which make these boots oil, gas, chemical, heat, abrasion, mark, and slip-resistant.

Leather Lining
The leather lining of the boots is used for odorless feet and legs for a longer duration of time. 

Final verdict
The Chippewa apache boots provide comfort and durability of high-end snake boots in a stylish construction. These boots are one of the top choices for enthusiast hiker or hunter women. 


3. Justin Dune Traction Women's Snake Boot

  • 17″ Dune Traction Snake Leather Boot
  • Lined Shaft with Viper Cloth Snake-Proof Fabric
  • J-Flex Flexible Comfort System Insole
  • Double Stitched Sewed Seat Welt
  • Brown Blown Kevlar Outsole
  • J96 Toe
  • Unit Heel
  • Made or Assembled in the USA
  • L2113 Justin Women’s Traction Hunting Snake Boots – Dune

Justin Dune traction boots are the masterpiece of classic designs that are constructed on the idea of cowboy boots. These are the tremendous looking snake proof cowboy boots along with an affordable price. Features of the shoes are phenomenal and best suited for every kind of person. 

Snake proof fabric shaft
The snake proof fabric shaft is designed to give your foot, ankle, and leg proper support and protection against striking snake bite.

 “J-Flex” shock-absorbing system 
The J-flex shock-absorbing system allows your feet to be more comfortable, more cushioned, and due to this feature, one can wear these shoes throughout a long day

Final verdict

Justin dune traction boots are lightweight, comfortable, durable, stable, and efficient boots which are suitable for those women who are enthusiastic hikers or hunters or adventurers. Although construction of the shoes does not define a particular class for it. But it is recommended to wear it on serious adventures. 


4. Danner Women's Wayfinder Snake Boot Knee High

  • Suede and Nylon
  • Imported
  • Lug Sole sole
  • Shaft measures approximately knee-high from arch
  • 360° snake-proof protection
  • Durable suede and nylon upper
  • Danner Dry waterproof protection
  • Danner Plyolite midsole
  • Danner Wayfinder outsole provides traction in diverse terrain

Danner Wayfinder is comfortable and efficient boots that suit almost every woman. Boots are not only comfortable, but the construction of boots is made so sturdy and robust that these boots are high in the long run. Those women who are highly interested in boots, which are for enthusiasts, then they can opt for these boots. 

360-degree protection
360-degree protection of the shoes makes them highly protective and secure your feet from venom snakes and other deadly living beings. 

Suede nylon upper
The upper part of the boots is made of suede nylon upper, which gives comfort to the shoes. 

Knee-high boots
Knee-high boots construction helps the wearer to secure themselves from a lot of evil living beings in the woods.

Final verdict
These danner boots are renowned for the comfort and durability they offer. As, the boots are made from suede nylon hence these boots will stay with you for an extended period. 


Women's Snake proof Hiking Boots

People usually cannot relate to why we need evidence of snake hiking boots. It is because of the places where you are going to trek. Hence you must be aware of the fact that your hiking boots are snake proof too.

5. Irish Setter Women's Vaprtrek Boots

  • Leather and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 14.5″ from arch
  • Platform measures about 1.0 inches inches inches
  • ScentBan
  • SnakeGuard
  • ArmaTec
  • UltraDry Waterproof
  • RPM Technology

Irish Setter has been making snake boots for many years. Snake and any other mishap is not a big deal for these vaprtrek boots. These boots will never disappoint you in terms of comfort and construction. Except for support and development, these boots boast several features which are as follows

RPM technology
RPM technology of Irish setter boots makes them incredibly lightweight snake boots than traditional hiking boots. 

Scent Ban coating
The Scent Ban coating on the boots eliminates unpleasant odor by removing the bacteria that could cause odor. 

Abrasion-resistant outer
The lower sole of the boots is constructed with studs, grip-points, and abrasion-resistant upper, which make the Irish setter boots sturdy and robust. 

Final Verdict
The Irish vaprtrek is one of the trusted hunting boot brands because of their rugged outdoor material. These boots are highly recommended for everyone except those who have smaller shoe sizes.


Top Women's snake proof hunting boots [2020]

Here we have provided a few hunting boots which are snake bite-resistant as well. 

6. Rocky ProLight 16 Snake Proof Boot

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately knee-high from arch
  • Full-grain leather and nylon
  • 16 Inches Of Snake proof Protection
  • Guaranteed Rocky Waterproof Construction
  • Polyurethane/Rubber Outsole

These boots are not made explicitly for women, but these are unisex boots. The body of the shoes has a camo design and comes with a single color style. The boots offer 16 inches protection against snake bites with the shaft measuring 14.5 inches from the arch, providing more support and security to the shoes. 

ProLightBioMech design 
The prolight BioMech design offers better stability to the boots. 

Full-grain leather and nylon
Prolight boots are made from full-grain leather and nylon, which make these boots comfortable, snake proof and waterproof. 

Rubber/polyurethane outsole
The outsole of the boots is made from rubber and polyurethane, which makes the boots sturdy and stable

Final Verdict
The rocky hunting boots are the best choice for those who are looking for comfortable and high-performance hunting boots in a solid price range. These boots are highly protective, and this is another major key factor in these boots. 


7. Chippewa 15" Pull-On L23914 Snake Boot for Women

  • 80% Cordura, 20% Leather
  • Vibram sole
  • Leather welting
  • Removable insole
  • Leather lining
  • Top grain leather
  • Triple rib shank

Chippewa boots are the highest quality boots and best for the person who wants the best boots for rugged surfaces. These boots are highly stable, comfortable, and functional. Chippewa boots are built to stand against the venom of snakes, along with a stylish look. Some key features of these smart women boots are further explained below. 

Leather welt construction 
The leather welt construction of the shoes ensures the durability of the shoes. Vibram Robinson Gumlite outsole and the Vibram Robinson Gumlite. This feature makes the boots highly comfortable so that one cannot feel fatigued even after wearing them for several hours. 

Antique brass non-tarnish buckles 
Antique brass non-tarnish buckles complement the shoes and make them stylish for women to wear. 


Final Verdict
Enjoy your outdoor hunting experience with these fabulous women snake proof hunting boots due to its excellent craftsmanship, protection, and stylish look. Chippewa boots are flawless as modern women snake proof hunting boots.


8. LaCrosse Women's Alphaburly Pro 15 MO 1600G Hunting Boot

  • 100% Neoprene/Rubber
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 15″ from arch
  • Hand-laid premium rubber over a 3.5mm neoprene core 
  • Embossed liner increases air circulation inside the boot
  • Wicks moisture 
  • Active Fit with adjustable neoprene gusset 
  • Multilayer rubber on the toe and heel 
  • Double-layer vamp for added support and durability
  • 1600G Thinsulate Ultra insulation

LaCrosse women’s hunting boots is the best example of snake proof hunting boots. These boots are made of neoprene and synthetic rubber, which make these hunting boots sturdy and stable. The design of the shoes makes them stylish, which is another positive point for stylish hunters. 

Neuron covering
The neuron covering of the boots makes them protected and secured. Standard back gasket. This feature is chosen for embellishing coating and ideal Fit.  

EVA padded sole
The EVA padded sole of the boots makes them more stable and odor-free. 

Upper pad 
The upper pad of the shoes gives sturdy support to your legs

Final Verdict
LaCrosse women’s boots are the type of hunting boots that are perfect for preventing snake bites. If you are looking for something durable, flexible, and efficient against cold weather, then these women’s boots would be perfect for you.


Precap of Snake Proof boots for Women

Some FAQs about Women's Snake Boots

Q: Can snakes bite through Women’s snake boots?
No, snake boots are made of robust and sturdy material which do not let the poison of snake comes in the shoes. Although, not all snakes are so poisonous to kill you. 

Q: Are women’s snake boots waterproof?
Yes, most of the ladies snake proof boots are said to be waterproof. But at the same time, reviews showed that many boots are failed in water-resistance for an extended period, which elaborates that snake boots are waterproof but for a shorter period. 

Q: Is there any Women’s Wide Calf Snake Boot
No, there is no specific boots that can solve this query. But one can solve this problem by using men’s lace-up boots. 

Q: Which is the best company for ladies snake boots?
Chippewa and Justin boots are said to be the most popular brands for women’s snake proof boots. 

Q: Can women use Men’s snake boots?
Women with more full feet who find it challenging to get their pair of shoes, they can use men’s lace-up boots as they will fit great on their feet. 

Q: Is there any Women’s snake proof boots in pink
Yes, snake boots for women are now available in pink color as well. You can check those boots above. 

Q: Can I use my snake boots for Hunting and Hiking?
Yes, you can use your snake proof boots for hunting and hiking. Several shoes offer all these features, but we have discussed a few of them.

Q: Can snakes bite through leather boots?
Some snakes can bite through leather boots but most of the snakes do not have power to bite through snake proof leather boots hence you do not need to be worried about it. 

Quick Buyer's Advice on Women's Snake Proof Boots

If you have never bought snake boots, then it would be challenging for you which pair of boots is best suitable for your feet. Before we jump to our list of best snake proof boots for women. Here we have provided some significant factors that will affect your adventurous tour to hiking or hunting. You should consider the following factors to get the best snake proof boots for you. 

Coverage of the boots 
Coverage is one of the essential factors that you need to observe while buying snake proof boots. Because venomous snakes usually attack the lower leg or foot. Mostly the height of snake boots is 16-18 inches, but you can get taller boots if you are going to the area with lots of dangerous snakes. 

Shoe size
Snake boots come in various sizes. You should make sure that your feet fit ideally in the shoes. This is an essential factor because it will make your feet more protective. You should try out the snake boots before buying them. If you ordered them online and they do not fit, then contact the seller for your size. 

Material used
The material of the boots is another crucial factor because the content will make the shoe sturdy, which in results become snake proof. Snake boots are usually made from the following materials

  • Leather

  • Denim

  • Kevlar

  • Synthetic

  • Cordura nylon

According to the manufacturers, the best snake boots for women are made with the combination of these materials. 

Air circulation
The breathability of snake boots is also crucial. Make sure that boots have moisture-wicking lining because cheap knee high models will make your feet sweaty. One more critical thing never compromises the waterproof ability of the shoes for more breathability. 

Closure of the boots could affect a lot in the comfort of the shoes. Some shoes come with a zipper-lock, which is not comfortable. Make sure to buy boots with laces because one can customize the fitting of the shoes due to the lacing lock-up system as they are lace up snake boots. 

It is always better to be secured then get injured. This statement would make more sense when you confront deadly animals like snakes. Snake bites could create many problems for your suffering. So you need to be protected before you even think of visiting such places for hiking or hunting. We have given a list of high snake boots for women. This will help you a lot in buying the best pair of snake proof boots for yourself.