Do Leather Boots Stretch Over Time

Shoemakers contribute a lot in helping you to decide the perfect size for you. They can feel in which places your feet is hard against the edge. They can judge the fitting of your boots just by your tread. Some of them are so experienced in their work that they could scan your feet to compare the fit with different footwear. But in the end, the real arbitrator of fit is you. Only you know where it squeezes, where it loses, and where it hurts. For this, you need to understand how leather changes. Leather is a skin that stretches with pressure and refines its structure.

In some cases it will be turned out to be off your foot shape. But in the end, it is you who is going to bother all this, so you need to buy leather boots which are a little bit smaller than your size rather than a little bit bigger. Because it is a fact that leather stretches over time.  But if your boots are not stretched yet and you are not comfortable with wearing, then you must adopt these natural methods, which will undoubtedly stretch your shoes

Easy Ways to Stretch your Leather Boots

If your pair of leather boots do not fit right or if your leather boots have shrunk. So you do not need to despair. There are a few easy ways to stretch your leather boots so that your shoes fit according to your needs.

Use Boot Stretcher

Before adopting any method, examine your boots and pick the right stretcher based on how your shoes need to be stretched. If your shoes are too narrow, but they fit great, then you can use the one-way stretcher. Boots stretchers can increase the size of your boots by ½-1 size in total. Except for a one-way stretcher, you can also go for a two-way stretcher that will not only expand your shoes, but it will also elongate your boots. If your boots are continuously got pinched or blistered, then a two-way stretcher would be the best option for you. Then you can also use a calf stretcher to expand the opening of your boots. Leave the boot stretcher overnight for better results. Because you need to stretch your leather boots for almost 6-8 hours. If you don’t do this, your shoes will not expand according to your needs.

Use DIY Stretching Techniques

For fitting boots instantly, you can use leather stretching spray. Spray it inside the shoes and avoid spraying outside because it may decolorize the leather. Put the shoes aside for a while so that spray dries. If you do not have leather stretching spray, you can spray alcohol mixed with water. You can take an equal proportion of both water and alcohol. It would work great on the calf of the boots. Make a mixture, shake it well and spray it inside your leather boots, and wear your shoes after they are scorched. The easiest way to stretch your leather boots is to wear them with extra thick socks or soak your shoes in water for 5 minutes and then wear them and walk until they got dried. 

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