How to Break-in Steel Toe Boots

At your workspace, all you need is an excellent pair of steel-toe boots that protect your feet from deadly hazards. Also, please take note that your steel-toe boots will affect your comfort level no matter how expensive you bought them. Staying comfortable at a workspace is essential; hence it is much needed for you to understand several ways to make your boots comfortable. Here I am going to elaborate you a few handy tips to break-in steel toe boots.

Use Thicker Socks 

Make it sure that you pair your steel toe boots with the perfect pair of socks. Prefer wearing thick socks as you need such socks that are designed explicitly for steel-toe boots. Most of the time, the wearer feels discomfort during the work routine due to the streel-toe construction of the boots.  If you are having pain or feeling discomfort while wearing steel toe boots, then buying thicker socks is the best option for you. As thick socks prevent your feet from coming in contact with the boots, which ensures that you will stay comfortable throughout your job. 

Purchase Various Insoles 

Investing in high-quality insoles can bring your comfort back while wearing steel-toe boots. Remember that the steel-toe feature gives a sturdy bottom. Mostly in-built insoles are smaller in size, which causes more discomfort to the feet of the wearer.

If you have steel toe boots and you are feeling discomfort due to them, then purchasing insoles that are suitable for steel-toe boots can be your savior. The best thing about these insoles is that they will provide you with maximum support and comfort.

Use Bandage

Wrapping your feet with a bandage is also another cause of comfort while wearing steel-toe boots. The bandage will be wrapped around your feet, focus on the damaging areas so that your boots could not damage your feet more than before. This will help in preventing blisters during break-in duration.

Focus on the maintenance of the boots

If you take great care of your boots, your steel toe boots will become the most comfortable boots of the all. What you have to do is to take great care of them to keep them last longer and strong. Clean your steel-toe boots regularly. Get off all the dirt and debris from your boots daily. If you are working in a salty environment, then clean your boots with vinegar and water. Apply leather conditioner on and off for better health of your boots. This will keep your boots good-looking even after several years of use.

Other useful methods

Here are some other methods that will quickly breaks-in your steel toe boots are as follows;

Hot water method

In this process, you have to soak your boots in a bucket containing warm water. Soak your boots in warm water for thirty minutes. Remove excess of water and wear boots for almost one hour. Before applying this method, make sure that your boots are waterproof. If it starts working on your steel-toe boots, then do this for a minimum of one week, and results will be amazing.

Cold water treatment

Follow the following significant steps to break-in your steel toe boots using cold water;

  • Take a zip lock bag
  • Pour cold water in it
  • Carefully seal the bag
  • Put the bag inside your boots
  • Put them in the freezer

When water freezes, it will expand in the form of ice so as your boots will as cold water bag will be in your boots. Keep them there overnight. Now, wait for the ice to melt so you can remove the water bag easily from your boots.

Oil method

The most frequently used way is applying oil on your boots to improve their comfort level. Mink oil is said to be the best oil for this purpose; however, you can also use a leather conditioner for this purpose. Just coat oil or conditioner on the specific part of your boots where pinching occurs the most and let it stay there overnight. It will soften your steel-toe boots.

Stick method

This is done by using a mop stick or broomstick. Insert any of the stick inside the boots and bend your boots firmly over the stick. This will stretch the leather material. Remember to bend your boots with great care because much bending could tear your boots as well.

Conclusion of Break-in Steel Toe Boots

Based on the above tips, one can say that there are a few tips that can break-in your steel-toe boots. Follow any of them to improve the comfort level of your boots. Because comfortable boots are necessary for better performance.