How to Clean Hunter Boots with Olive Oil

Hunting boots are ill-famed due to the white bloom, which arises on the shoes over time. White bloom is solely a white powdery film that covers all parts of your hunting boots. This is normal and easy to clean, as well. If you own a pair of hunting boots, but you are not sure how to clean your Hunter boots that turned white from blooming, then you have come to the right place. Because we are going to elaborate as how easy it is to clean hunter boots with olive oil or from household products. You do not need to buy expensive rubber boots cleaner. Just follow our guide and your shoes will look as good as the new pair of hunter boots. 

What do you need to clean your Hunter boots?

Hunting boots are a type of rubber wellington boots that will last for many seasons to come, but only if they are taken care of properly. Although, olive oil is the best ingredient for cleaning white bloom from your boots, before cleaning white bloom you should need to clean dirt from the boots and dry them from the inside.  For cleaning dirt daily, you need

    • Warm water
    • Dish wash 
    • Cotton cloth or eraser

These three things will be best for the regular cleaning of trash from your hunting boots.  For cleaning your hunting boots from inside, you will need

  • Newspaper (if they get wet) 
  • Baking soda and vinegar (to keep them smelling fresh) 

Is Olive Oil bad for rubber boots?

Olive oil is considered good for rubber boots because its use has been in practice for long. Not only is it economical but also handy. You can also try other expensive rubber sprays for the same effect.

To say olive oil is safe is an understatement. If you are scared of it spreading grease, color or smell on the boots then you could not be more wrong. However, there is one thing to look out for. Spread the oil on the upper of any boots like your composite toe boots. Avoid getting it on the rubber sole. It can mess with the resistant properties and sometimes is not readily absorbed. That depends significantly on the quality of the rubber.

However, since the exterior is the same in almost all rubber boots olive oil is readily absorbed. So, there is no greasy shine and color staining. Spread it gently and evenly and you will get amazing results.

Staining by Olive Oil

Staining from olive oil has been a big query and a major question at the back of every user’s mind. There has been no such complaint reported because the amount of olive oil is in less proportion for it to leave a stain. If you are still cautious, we recommend you warm the oil and then let it cool. You will notice a slight decrease in tint. Cool the oil and now reapply it without a fear.

Olive Oil and Rubber Bloom

Because rubber is a natural product, insoluble particles may rise to the surface under certain conditions. That is indicated by the white powdery “bloom” you may see on your hunter rubber footwear. This is a common occurrence with high-quality natural rubber, and there is nothing to be concerned about.

Although we have to agree it does not look aesthetic and since we are going for the shiny polished look this is not what we need. Olive oil comes to the rescue as it is effective in preventing the growth of rubber bloom on your boots. It keeps the surface moisturized and protected so the particles do not separate out and rise to the surface. For cleaning your rubber boots that have bloomed all you need is

  • Olive oil
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

How to clean your hunting boots to remove bloom?

Cleaning hunter boots is not a vicious cycle. One can easily clean his hunter boots with olive oil or any other home products. But using olive oil would be highly recommended because it will not only clean your boots but make them look like a new pair of boots.

Here are quick and easy eight steps which will briefly describe you how to clean hunter boots with olive oil. However, do not forget to take your socks out!

Step 1: Remove dirt and scratch marks

Take the boots out from a living area and dab them hard to remove the excess dirt. Due to this, any large particles of debris or dirt will fall to the ground. This method will minimize your hunter boot’s cleaning time as you will remain with less dust to clean. 

Always do this step out of your house because it can cause a massive mess inside the home.

Step 2:  Mix warm water with dish soap for cleaning hunter boots

  • Add warm water( probably 1L) to a spray bottle add 1 tsp of dish wash to it. 
  • Shake it well 
  • Spray this mixture on your boots 
  • Let it sit for three minutes 
  • If you soak your shoes in a plastic container, then you will be left with pouring mud and debris in water after a few minutes. 

Never spray the mixture inside of the boots. This will moisture your shoes from inside, and you will face difficulty in drying them. 

Step 3: Use a clean cloth to wipe the dirt off the boots

After three minutes, use a clean rag to wipe the soap and dust away. Always start from the top of the shoes and move down the boots. If your boots have a zipper lock, then use a brush to remove any dirt from them gently. 

Remove or change the cloth if it gets too dirty.

Step 4: Scrub soles of the boots with a scrubbing brush 

If there is still dirt left on the soles of the boots, then spray more mixture of warm water and dishwasher on them and scrub them with a scrubbing brush since it is enough to clean your Hunter boots with warm water and a clean rag. 

Step 5: Let the boots air-dry

Clean the shoes with a dry and clean cotton cloth and then place them under the shaded, dry place to finish drying. 

You cannot dry the hunter boots in a dryer. You should not place your shoes directly in front of the sun because heat can damage the rubber. 

Step 6: Stuff your boots with newspaper if they are wet inside

The newspaper will absorb the excess water, so you should use paper whenever your hunting boots get wet and remove the paper after a few hours. This will prevent mold from growing inside the shoes. 

Step 7: Use diluted vinegar and baking soda to remove unpleasant odors

Prepare a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle (both will be added in equal proportion). Spray it inside the boots and place them in a dry, shaded place for 24-48 hours. If you still smell unpleasant, then sprinkle a little bit of baking soda in each boot. 

Step 8:  Use olive oil to clean the white bloom

To clean your hunter boots, dab a little amount of olive oil on a soft microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe the white bloom area of the shoes in a circular motion. The olive oil will begin to remove the white bloom from your hunting boots. You should clean the shoes until they become dry from oil. 

Use a smaller amount of oil so that you do not make the boots too oily. If you put too much oil which is not absorbable by the cloth, then you can clean the shoes with water. 

Once you have finished cleaning your hunter boots, they will look brand new, and all-white blooms have gone. Since it is the most natural way to prevent your hunting boots from a white bloom, you can use it whenever you want to clean your Hunter boots with olive oil. 

Amount Of Olive Oil

Use a pint or a spoon full of oil. You can use a sponge or dip a cloth in olive oil and then rub it smoothly on the surface of your hunter rubber boots. Do not aggressively rub it in unless you want to remove a stain or rubbing marks for the surface. The amount depends on the surface area and the condition of the boots. Furthermore, do not forget to remove any conditioner residue, wipe the product dry with a clean section of the rag.

Drawbacks of using Olive Oil

While Olive Oil is beneficial there is a catch. The intensity of the catch depends on your need and situation. The points may be trivial if you decide to continue.

However, to enlighten you we have listed the only drawbacks we could find according to the users.

  • Olive oil is expensive and not available in certain areas.
  • The effects of olive oil can wear off so you may have to frequently polish your hunter boots however that also varies with your exposure to dirt and mud.
  • While it improves the rubber top sheet, some oil can leak in between the topsheet and the sponge, causing a little amount of bubbling around the edge of the topsheet.
  • Olive oil rejuvenates the rubber for some time but that is usually limited to a small time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What material is suitable for rubbing olive oil on hunter boots?
Dab a tiny amount of olive oil on a nice microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe the bloomed Hunter boots in a circular motion to clean them. The white powdery texture will be removed by the olive oil.

How do you get scuff marks off Hunter boots?
Scuff marks can be repaired with an eraser or a dab of toothpaste. To keep your boots looking new, use a Hunter Boot Buffer or a clean, dry cloth with a little vegetable or olive oil.

Why is Olive oil better than high grease oils for hunter boots?
Olive oil can give its best at optimum temperature and chemical exposure. Not only is it protective but also less greasy. That gives it a lower viscosity and high spreadability as compared to other oils.

How does olive oil damage rubber?
See that’s where you have to be careful. While you are using olive oil to clean you are not using it for high and stay on applications. Excessive use of olive oil causes rubbers, especially thin ones, to break. Hunter boots use special rubber so it is less likely.

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