How to fix Heel Slippage in Boots

Whether you are an outdoor person, a camper, a hiker, a worker, or any military officer, flexibility and security of your boots is the supreme factor that will majorly affect your profession or hobby. Since you have covered the solution of all the problems regarding the shoes, you might be still facing a pervasive problem of heel slippage, and you are always worried about how to fix heel slippage in boots. Most people do not know that heel slippage also has a solution. They tend to buy a new pair of boots. But you might be glad after knowing that heel slippage can be avoided in effortless ways, and Fortunately, you came across the right place. Here we are going to discuss a few tips or methods through which one can solve the problem of heel slippage. 

Tips and essential steps to Fix or prevent Heel Slippage in Boots and Shoes

Heel slippage can be very irritating for the wearer, but the good news is that you do not need to discard the boots because we are going to share such tips by following them your heel slippage issue will vanish like never happened before.

1: Get the perfect size 

If you want to stay on your feet, then always go for an ideal size. But do not opt for a smaller one in choosing a perfect size. Just remember the fact that the size of your feet changes with your age. So you need to measure your feet every three months before going to purchase shoes. Buy shoes in the evening, when your foot is at its largest. You will not always get a perfect fit, especially when you have too narrow or too wide feet. 

2: Tie your shoelaces properly

Although the perfect size will do a lot for the heel slippage problem. But if your boots are not properly secured, then your feet will slip in this situation too. As the shoelaces of the shoes give you complete control over how tight and loose you want your shoes to be. Laces add extra support to your feet. For this reason, you should buy high-quality shoelaces which are made for the shoes you buy. 

3: Double-sided tape

Using double-sided tape is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to fix heel slippage. You need to dab some double-sided tape to your heel, and this will make your shoes stick to it. This quick fix is also a temporary one because sweat can break down the stickiness of the tape. 

4: Hair spray

It works the same as the double-sided tape does. It is a cheap, quick, and easiest way to avoid heel slippage. Spraying a little bit of hair spray on your feet make them stickier. But similar to double-sided tape, it will also be lost its stickiness due to sweat on the feet. It is a quick and temporary method to fix heel slippage in boots. 

Use boot dryer

If you want to fix your boots from heel slippage, then always keep them dry from inside. For this purpose, use a boot dryer, but remember that often, the use of dryer could make the material of the boots collapse. For instance, heat can make leather stretchable, but more heat can make it worse, cracked, and too much dry out. Hence you should use boot dryer with utmost caution. 

Non-slipping thicker socks

The ordinary socks that you buy seem to be very soft and hence maintained to put on the shoes quickly. But to fix heel slippage in boots, you need non-slipping thicker socks. Honestly, it will work a lot because if you wear your shoes a lot and your boots have slippage problems, then prefer buying sturdy non-slip socks that will firmly grip the outer lining of the boots. 

Use padding inside the boots

This is another inexpensive and quick method to fix heel slippage. All you need is a cheap padding material, or tissue paper can also work for you. This material can be stuffed in the boots either in the toe portion or in the heel portion to manage the length of the shoes. This technique works great when your shoes are larger than your feet. 

Use elastic bands

If you have some sewing experience, then this handy tip is just for you. You can stitch elastic band inside the boots for a better fit. For this all you want is
  • Elastic bands
  • Safety pins
  • A needle
  • Thread
The elastic band should be very strong, and you need a large syringe with a huge hole. 
  • Stretch the elastic band inside the heel of the boots. 
  • Keep the elastic tight while sewing it in place. 
  • Once you are done with sewing, the elastic band untie the safety pins around it. 

See a cobbler

In the end, if nothing works in your case, then the best option is to go to a cobbler and mend your shoes according to your perfect fitting.  Conclusion Heel slippage should not ruin your day in any way. Walking is always a natural thing, but heel slippage could make it worse. The above-discussed tips will help you a lot to fix the heel slippage in boots. These tips are speedy and simple. Just do follow them before you confront a major issue. 

Some FAQs about fixing heel slippage in different Boot types

Q: How to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots?

Observe the following aspects and you will fix heel slippage in cowboy boots:
  • Boots have the right length and width size. 
  • Sturdy lacing techniques
  • Padded tongues

Q: How to fix heel slippage in pull on boots?

Here are some easiest guide to fix heel slippage in pull on boots. 
  • Buy the Right Size.
  • Tighten Your Laces.
  • Install a Tongue Pad.
  • Wear Non-Slip Socks.
  • Change Your Insoles.
  • Use Heel Liners.
  • Mind Your Gait.

Q: How to fix heel slippage in hiking boots?

Follow these methods to avoid heel slippage in hiking boots
  • Get the perfect size
  • Firmly lace your boots 
  • Non-slipping socks
  • Use tongue pads
  • Monitor your tread

Q: How to fix heel slippage in hunting boots?

 Although all other methods are the same but the following ways differ from other boots hence follow these steps to fix slippage in hunting boots:
  • Use heel lock tying technique
  • Use surgeon’s knot
  • Choose hiking boots carefully
  • Add a tongue pad

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