How to Lace work Boots with Hooks

As winter is approaching soon, which means warm jackets, uppers, and of course, boots would be the need of our closet. People wear boots for various reasons, many use boots for their utility, such as army boots or work boots, while some wear boots on formal occasions. Just like there is a wide range of boots, hence there are a variety of ways to lace them. Lacing your shoes is similar to lacing shoes, but the extra room is provided for more style and functionality. But the question that must be in your mind how to lace work boots with hooks. There are several methods to lace your work boots, but lacing work boots is the easiest and quick one. Here we have given a guide about how to lace work boots with hooks along with several knotting styles. 

Several people do not know the right way to tie their work shoes so that they feel comfortable and do not get blisters on their feet. Here we are going to describe you a method which not only saves your time but also makes your feet feel comfortable

Step 1: 
First, untie the knots you have already done to your boots 

Step 2:
Then put your foot inside the shoes so that you would get the perfect fitting. 

Step 3: 
Start from the bottom of your boots, pull the laces back through the eyelets towards the top of the shoes. 

Step 4: 
Repeat step3 until you reach the top of the boots 

Tie the knot according to the fitting you need for your foot.

Ways in which work boots could be knotted

Various lacing tips could help you to improve your comfort. Here we have discussed the two most effortless and quick ways to re-lace your shoes to help relieve foot discomfort.

Surgeon’s knot

Surgeon’s knot is the versatile and straightforward knot that can prevent you from slipping. When you are working, your heels might be moving excessively, which means that you have too much interior volume on top of your foot. We have provided you a secure method of tying the surgeon’s knot



Step 1:
Lose the laces of your boots over the top of your foot. 

Step 2:
Find a point where the top of your foot begins to flex forward. You are going to tie the surgeon’s knot from this point of your foot. 

Step 3:
Muffle the laces around each other twice and pull them tight. Move the laces directly up to the next hook to lock the knot’s tension. 

Step 4
Repeat step 3 for the next knot as well

Step 5:
Finish traditionally lacing your boots and then tie a knot. 


The Heel Lock


Climbers or runners use this technique because they need to ensure that their shoes do not turn against them and cause blisters. Here is a four-step method to lace boots with heel lock style. 

Step 1:
Lace your boots traditional, but do not cross your laces over at the top. Lace vertically at the top two hooks. 

Step 2:
Then cross over and thread the lace under the vertical line you have just created. 

Step 3
Repeat step 2 for the other side as well. 

Step 4
Pull to tighten the laces and then tie them together using a normal knot creating a bow.  

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