How to Lace Work Boots with Hooks

As winter is approaching soon, which means warm jackets, uppers, and of course, boots would be the need of our closet. People wear boots for various reasons, many use boots for their utility, such as army boots or work boots, while some wear boots on formal occasions. Just like there is a wide range of boots, hence there are a variety of ways to lace them. Lacing your shoes is similar to lacing shoes, but the extra room is provided for more style and functionality. But the question that must be in your mind how to lace work boots with hooks. There are several methods to lace your work boots, but lacing work boots is the easiest and quick one. Here we have given a guide about how to lace work boots with hooks along with several knotting styles. 

Several people do not know the right way to tie their work shoes so that they feel comfortable and do not get blisters on their feet. Here we are going to describe you a method which not only saves your time but also makes your feet feel comfortable

Why should you lace the Work Boots?

Lacing is an ordinary task which you might not have thought about twice. However, it is a powerful fitness technique.

Lacing your everyday shoes with the same repetitive technique may not seem special. Try switching and you will notice a significant change. Regardless of your shoes being sneakers, cross training or work boots lacing changes with each category.

Since we will be talking about boots, the presence of hooks along with the standard eyelets is highly beneficial. Tactical and correctional boots make use of this old method to increase fitness and stability up to the calves.

You can see that while the lace up starts and ends at the upper before reaching the ankle the impact stops there. However, if the laces run up to the calves not only is the performance of boots increased but also the rebound technology.

Purpose of Hooks on Work Boots

They’re called “speed hooks,” and they make putting on boots with a circumference of 6 inches or more much easier. If you’ve ever owned a pair of 8-, 10, or 12 inch boots, you know how aggravating it is to have to replace them every time you put them on or take them off. If the laces are all the way up, it’s also nearly hard to get your foot into tall boots.

Speed hooks make it simple to untie the laces to ankle level, making it simple to put on and knot your boots.

Simplest Lacing Technique

Step 1: 
First, untie the knots you have already done to your boots 

Step 2:
Then put your foot inside the shoes so that you would get the perfect fitting. 

Step 3: 
Start from the bottom of your boots, pull the laces back through the eyelets towards the top of the shoes. 

Step 4: 
Repeat step3 until you reach the top of the boots 

Tie the knot according to the fitting you need for your foot.

Ways in which work boots could be knotted

Various lacing tips could help you to improve your comfort. Here we have discussed the two most effortless and quick ways to re-lace your shoes to help relieve foot discomfort.

1. Surgeon’s knot

Surgeon’s knot is the versatile and straightforward knot that can prevent you from slipping. When you are working, your heels might be moving excessively, which means that you have too much interior volume on top of your foot, that is eliminating the socks part. We have provided you a secure method of tying the surgeon’s knot

Step 1:
Lose the laces of your boots over the top of your foot. 

Step 2:
Find a point where the top of your foot begins to flex forward. You are going to tie the surgeon’s knot from this point of your foot. 

Step 3:
Muffle the laces around each other twice and pull them tight. Move the laces directly up to the next hook to lock the knot’s tension. 

Step 4
Repeat step 3 for the next knot as well

Step 5:
Finish traditionally lacing your boots and then tie a knot.

2. The Heel Lock

Climbers or runners use this technique because they need to ensure that their shoes do not turn against them and cause blisters. Here is a four-step method to lace boots with heel lock style. 

Step 1:
Lace your boots traditional, but do not cross your laces over at the top. Lace vertically at the top two hooks. 

Step 2:
Then cross over and thread the lace under the vertical line you have just created. 

Step 3
Repeat step 2 for the other side as well. 

Step 4
Pull to tighten the laces and then tie them together using a normal knot creating a bow.  

Benefits of Lacing with Hooks on Work Boots

While wearing hiking boots or work boots you must have noticed the presence of more than one hook. Your next thought must be “why are they placed here?”. Well, to satisfy your curiosity the hooks are added for more than aesthetics.

They are actually better while performing. However, read the benefits below to find out whether your work boots deliver the promise as they should. Good news is they work for our boots with kiltie as well!

Because most work bots like logging boots can be up to 12 inches tall, threading with eyelets can be quite inconvenient and time consuming. Especially if you have to remove the ankle ties to get your feet out. Hooks, on the other hand, make undoing your laces and removing or wearing your boots easier.

When lacing up hook and loop boots, the threading is done on the top side, avoiding pressure on the bridge. As a result, you can tighten the laces to get a better fit.

It is not uncommon for the hooks to pose their own problems. They can damage the laces and sometimes tear the fabric if tangled with your trousers. The work boots get frequently tangled for which you have to lean down to solve the problem. We recommend switching between different techniques so the hooks are not damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do boot hooks work?
Boot hooks are used for putting on tall riding boots as simply as possible. The hook ends of the boot hooks are then inserted through the boot pull straps attached to the sides of riding boots while holding the handle of the boot hook.

Why have hooks replaced the metal eyelets?
Hooks, as their names insinuate, are speedy and let you do lacing as quickly as possible. Stabbing the lace through the eyelets can be problematic while in a hurry that is why hooks are a wiser and better option.

How do you use a boot hook?
A hardwood handle is attached to the metal hook, which fits pleasantly in the hand. Simply place the boot hooks into the two loops on the inside of the boot shaft. Then, with your foot inside the boot, pull!

What are different ways to lace combat boots?
When it comes to lacing there are certain techniques that you can follow. Each technique varies with the fitness and support. It also depends significantly on your job requirements and performance. We have explained the techniques that work for combat boots above as well. Take a look at the ones you can follow

  • Criss Cross Lacing.
  • Straight Bar Lacing.
  • Army Lacing.
  • Ladder Lacing.
  • Surgeon’s Knot.

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