How to Stretch Leather Boots at the Toe

If your new pair of leather boots don’t fit quite right or if your pair of hiking boots have damaged, there is no need to worry and despair! There are several ways by which you can stretch out the leather boots so your boots will become fit. Meanwhile, people use many techniques and DIY methods from using a boot stretcher to wearing extra socks and even freezing your boots to make them fit to their size. Moreover, boot stretching also enables you to expand the lifespan of your boots and turns hard footwear to soft that makes the boots more comfortable. Though it is needless to say but boot stretching helps you a lot to save money.

Stretching a boot is not a time taking work. You have two options. Firstly, you can use a boot stretcher. Secondly, you can try DIY methods. Here are some of the beneficial tips that will help you in stretching your leather boots:

1- Using a boot stretcher:

A boot stretcher is an excellent choice for an expensive pair of boots you’d like to stretch without compromising on its shape or ruining the shoe. While there are several DIY methods of boot stretching, and only a boot stretcher guarantees a consistent result.

There are two basic types of shoe stretchers: a one-way shoe stretcher that stretches the width of the boot and a two-way shoe stretcher that stretches the width and length. 

How to use boot stretcher:

  1. Apply boot stretch spray to relax the fibres of the boots for easy stretching. A boot stretch spray will also help your boot stretch evenly and speed up the process. 
  2. Insert stretching plugs into the boots to target problem areas 
  3. Turn the handle clockwise until you got the desired amount of stretch. Give the handle another full turn after every 8 hours until the size becomes perfect.
  4. Leave the boot stretcher in the shoe for two days, and check it till the size becomes accurate to your desire.

Tip: Always buy a boot stretcher because it generally has long-handled and shoe stretcher does not have a long handle which makes difficulty in accuracy of size. 

2- Wear them in breaks

Stretching your boots is not that easy but wearing them in breaks is an easy way of stretching your leather boots. It’s quite challenging to wear the new pair of shoes right away. However, you can try this method of resizing footwear which will surely help you to stretch your boots.

Wear your boots for some time in your house to initiate the wearing process. Moreover, for a better result, try moving around in the boots in thick socks to make them wide and vast space. A few walks around your home for some time will help you get the perfect size with in no time.

Tip: This process can be a little uncomfortable, so do it when you’re at home and will be able to take the boots off after 30 minutes or so.

Because wearing extra socks excess pressure on your feet would not let you feel comfortable for a whole day.

3- Use a leather stretch spray

There are several sprays that are used for stretching leather boots. For stretching the boot, spray it in the interior of the boots, so that it may stretch faster. In an interview with vice president at Leather Spa, David Mesquita said that this boot spray helps to stretch and soften the boot. These leather sprays often lead to discolouration of material so you have to be careful while using these sprays. 


  • For safety, always spray inside the boots to keep leather in good condition.
  •  Put on the wet boots to get the boots stretched according to your size. 
  • Research the product before getting it. 
  • Spray test a small area of your footwear before spraying on applied area.
  • Spray the product from a 5-inch distance on the area that it can spread and absorb easily.
  • Walk-in your boots to check its refitting. 
  • Repeat the process if needed.

4- Have them professionally stretched:

Cobblers do work with footwear and leather and they have much more appropriate knowledge about boots and how to mend and stretch it. There are many cobblers who offer boot stretching service for free. And they also give much discount if you buy shoes from their shop. These cobblers also provide home boots stretching services, so you can avail these services if you want to stretch your boots. 

5- Fill Them With Materials

Another method that can be tried at home how to stretch boots includes filling the space of the shoes or boots with materials such as newsprint, towels, or any other material that will cause the leather to expand. This will help those people who can’t buy boot stretcher and can’t go to the professionals, can do this remedy to stretch their boots at home. 

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