How to waterproof synthetic leather boots?

As the climate is getting colder day by day along with it, wet and cold conditions are also approaching. In such circumstances, all you need is a pair of warm and water-resistant synthetic leather boots. But what if your leather boots are not waterproof anymore and you do not afford a new pair of waterproof leather boots right now. Then you must be thinking of making it waterproof, and the question that arises in your mind would be, can I waterproof synthetic leather boots whose answer is yes, you can surely waterproof your leather boots. After this, you might be thinking about how to waterproof synthetic leather boots, so you do not need to be worried about it as well. Because we have discovered natural methods to waterproof synthetic leather boots from household products. Here we go 🙂 

Three best ways to waterproof synthetic leather boots

Before we move towards the methods, it is essential to note that you cannot utterly waterproof leather boots, but you can slow the water coming in the shoes. Here are three basic methods of waterproof synthetic leather boots. 

Method1: An Easy DIY Method

If you are in a hurry and you want to waterproof your synthetic leather boots quickly, then you can use this secure method to fix your problem. But before doing this, remember that this DIY is temporary, which means you have to do it on and off. 

Step  1: Clean your leather boots thoroughly so that no dirt or debris remains on your shoes

Step 2Grab some transmission oil and spray on your boots well before going out and absorb it with the help of microfiber clean cloth.
Precaution: It may turn your boots red. 

Step 3Take a coat enamel spray and use it after applying oil, or you can use this spray all alone as well. 

Step 4:  Rub Vaseline on your boots will last long but not forever. 


Method2: With Waterproofing creams, waxes and pastes

This is the most uncomplicated way to waterproof synthetic leather boots, but you have to do it now and then so that your toes won’t get wet. Here is the step by step on how it can be utilized. 

Step 1: The most important thing is to clean your boots. Clean your shoes well. For your ease, we have discussed how to clean hunter boots with olive oil, which is similar to what you need to clean your leather boots as well. 

Step 2:  After cleaning your boots properly, take a clean rag, and apply cream, wax or paste on your leather boots. Make sure that you are rubbing the cloth in a circular motion. 

Step 3: Rub it for a while. After rubbing it, use another clean cloth and rinse off any excess from the boots. 

Step 4: Leave your boots to dry overnight. 

Method 3: Use Waterproof Sprays

 If you are a lazy person and do not know how to manage your time, then having waterproof spray is the best option. Like any other method, you have to apply it every week. Just follow this three-step method to get waterproof synthetic leather boots. 

Step 1: Clean your boots thoroughly. 

Step 2: Keep spray can six inches away from your shoes and start spraying, make it sure that you are spraying a few thin coats rather than a single thick coat. 

Step 3:  Keep it in a dry and shaded place so that it could produce better results. 

Precautions: Read the procedure from the spray bottle, and maybe you need a double coating for your leather boots.

Few Safety Tips for Waterproofing Synthetic Leather Boots

For any problem to be solved, safety is the most critical factor. Similarly, in waterproofing leather boots, safety is most important during the application process and drying process. Here are some safety tips to remember that will keep you and your shoes protected. 

  • Do not make direct contact with chemicals
  • Keep calm and wait for your boots to dry by their own 
  • Leave your shoes in the open air and plenty of space

Why do you need waterproof synthetic boots?

You might be thinking that why do i need to waterproof my synthetic leather boots. Here are some reasons why it is vital to waterproof your synthetic leather boots. 

  • Water and other particles can produce malformation
  • Confronting water can damage your feet
  • Waterproofing will keep your synthetic leather boots look new